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5 Types of Gyms You Should Never Work for In Malaysia


5 Types of Gyms You Should Never Work for In Malaysia or any places around the world .

I was sitting on my desk this morning and browse on . There are tonnes of job related to “gym” and “fitness “. Most of these jobs , are sitting at RM 2500 – RM 5000(manager) . But when i looked at the company profile , they sucks , really sucks .

No matter how desperate you are for a job, or how annoyed your boss is , there are really some companies you’re better off not working for.

I don’t like to point fingers because all companies have the tools to change . Nevertheless, here are the 5 types of companies that might as well have “I Rather Be Broke” flashing  , then working for .

1. The High Turnover Outfit


Gyms that always have new staffs every month are a good things . It just means that the company is expanding , and they need more trainers or sales consultants . But if the gym always has new staffs , and the old staffs are leaving , this company has fallen into  a hire-and-fire cycle .

Companies with high turnover won’t deliver on their promises and may just be a waste of time.

From my past personal experience , a high turnover company can means 2 things , they simply hire BS employee cause they ran out of staff or no development for their staff ,and their staff choose to leave.

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”-Richard Branson

2.The Plateau


A company that is lack of learning opportunities, fails to promote mentorship, offers little to no career development , LEAVE NOW .

Reason is simple , if you are a fresh graduate , after 5 years of working in a “plateau” company, you are still a fresh graduate , learn nothing .

A stagnant company is a MUST stay away , because it has little to no emphasis on helping you meet your long-term career goals.


3. The Diplomatic Company 


Or what we so called , “corporate intelligence ” . You want to get promoted  ? Be your boss’s “Yes” man . Wag your tail when you see your boss .

So many great coaches , potential trainers left because of this rotten culture . I like to share story , true story , so that you can have a better understanding on how does diplomatic company works .


When my manager decided to leave his position , and move on to another company , i was so damn happy , in my heart , i was like ,  finally ,  i will be promoted after all the hard work and hours i put in . In fact i cannot see any reason why i am not the best guy for this position .

The gym is running well , we hit our monthly sales targets and i am experience enough to handle the teams and run the branch .

However , to my dismay , my direct superior relocate one of his manager from another branch , to replace my previous manager’s position .

This young champ ,out of nowhere , has no experience , the branch that under his management is crap .

And yet why him ?

Later i found out that , he is my superior’s “yes” man .

Well , one of my clients (CEO for XXX company ) told me that , if you want to climb the corporate ladder , increase your “corporate intelligence ” .

If not , do not bother to work in a corporate company .


4.The Headless Chicken


No clear plan for the staff”s future, employees don’t know company”s long-term goals . LEAVE NOW

A company is like the captain of the ship , and the sailors is the employees .

If the captain do not know where to go ,  the sailors will surely ended up no where , and might sink like the titanic .

Companies should have a clear direction , missions and visions ,where are they heading towards , and these great values must be shared among their employees .

If the hiring team is unable to discuss openly what direction the company hoping to go, it may be a clue that they lack a plan for growth and that the foundation may be shaky.

According to  73% of employees who report working for a ‘purpose-driven’ company are engaged compared to just 23% at ‘non-purpose driven’ companies.


5. The Old School Gym Company


If your gym still using brochure and name card heavily , LEAVE NOW !

The gym is more old school than your grandma , as my grandma already using facebook to do advertisement , and your gym is still using brochure and name card ?

Come on !!! Move forward !


A better way of communicate with the public is encourage  trainers , fitness instructors or gym members to post their work out or events video or photos on their social media platform .

According to 83% of consumers value peer recommendations and reviews above professional content.

Here you go , the 5 Types of Gyms You Should Never Work for In Malaysia or any places around the world .

If you have ever experienced any shXX company , feel free to share your story with us at the comment box . Chao

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  1. Karma Bitch

    Those assholes and shoes lickers born to stays as “corporate intelligence” running dog! Getting their pay cheque on time for only turning freelance teachers as victim of circumstances!
    Not only not able to pay on time, classes with less than require or zero attendance then the poor instructor got paid half of the agree rate, how ethical and corporate intelligence can this be? Seriously, having idiotics like such running the business will definitely wrapped up in no time!
    God Bless Them!

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