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6 tips overcoming the devil voice when exercise

6 tips overcoming the devil voice when exercise

Hei guys, sometimes I just don’t feel like hitting the gym.Not because I’m too tire or no time to exercise,but the voice that is inside my brain ,I call it the devil voice.The most important thing that I learn to overcome this devil is to first recognize and admit it is just the devil voice that is doing the trick.We can’t change what we do not know.Below is the action I take to shut down the devil voice:

1) Workout in the morning before work

If I’m not doing coaching, 6-7am is the time I’m hitting the gym.
2) Empty your mind

When im training in the morning, after getting up , the next 2 things I do is, brush my teeth ,get changed and hit the gym.This is to prevent myself from thinking too much and finding excuses whether should I go to the gym or not.
3) Wearing sports gears

So far this is one of the best solution.I wear my training shirt ,pants, and socks when i sleep.This is to tell my brain that I’m ready to exercise.Sounds weird?Try it ,it works!
4) Pre-plan and stop thinking

Everyday before I hit the day, I will have a plan on what am I going to do.And I will not replan or change my routine .This is to prevent me from dropping into the devil’s trap again by hustling myself in replanning and cancel my training session at the end of the day.
5) Short and sweet

My typical workout duration is between 30minutes -45 minutes.I find that this is the best duration that I can focus on .
6) Keep your phone inside the locker

Every time when I workout ,either I leave my phone inside the car or inside my locker.I find it too distracted with the watsap ,FB or whatever notification that I’m getting.


6 tips overcoming the devil voice when exercise

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