8 Proven Principles of Successful Weight Loss Goal Setting.

Setting the right goal using the right principles is the first step to success.

1) Specify the nature of the task(s) to be accomplished (i.e.,write a job description).Thus may be done in terms of work outcomes and /or in terms of work actions or behaviours.
2) Specify how performance is to be measured.
3) Specify the standard or target to be aimed for in quantitative terms based either on directly measured output or a Behavioral Observation Scale.Make the goal challenging ,that is difficult but attainable.
4) Specify the time span involved.
5) If there are multiple goals ,rank them in terms of importance or priority.get a consensus on this ranking.
6) If necessary ,rate each goal quantitatively as to importance (priority and difficulty.To measure overall performance , multiply importance by difficulty by degree of goal attainment,and then sum the products.
7) Determine the coordination requirements (especially lateral) for goal achievement. If the tasks are highly interdependent, use group goals. If group goals are used, be sure to develop a means of measuring each individual’s contribution to the group’s product.The goals should be modified only if employees clearly lack the ability or knowledge needed to reach them or when substantial changes in the job situation have occurred.
8) Rewards.

 8 Proven Principles of Successful Weight Loss Goal Setting.

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