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A Complete List of Nutrition Fact Calories for Over 900 Food Items

Nutrition Fact Calories


Thank you for supporting Fitness Resources.Fitness Resources mission is to help fitness entrepreneur to start up and bring their business into the next level.We are able to get over 600 supporters in just a short few months.Please help us share and like our mission by inviting your family and friends to join us in supporting each other.

As a appreciation for your consistent support we have prepared a full list nutrition facts information that include the amount of fat, carbs, protein, cholesterol & saturated fat, so that you can add filters(the information is in excel file) to find food with low calories and high protein, or high fat and high protein and low carbs, or whatever you are looking for,to prepare for your meal.Hope you enjoy it ,and remember to share and like our post at the top left of this post.

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