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Body Factory Gym & Fitness @ PJ

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A fully Equipped Gym That Open 24 HOURS With Trainers and Classes for All Fitness Levels.

Body Factory Gym & Fitness Centre is a fully equipped gym and fitness centre with the following facilities:
* Full range of dumbbells ranging from 1KG to 50KG for weight training
* Wide range of cardiovascular machines
* Juice Bar/ Protein Bar
* Separate rainshower and sauna facilities for Men and Women
* Studio for Fitness Classes and Yoga
* Personal trainers



Web Site:

Address : No.11 1st and 2nd floor, PJ 21, Jalan ss3/39, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

1 month Registration: RM100 Monthly: RM95
6 months Registration: RM50 Monthly: RM85
12 months No Registration Monthly: RM80

WALK IN: RM8 unlimited hours

5 sessions: RM500 (RM100 per session)
10 sessions: RM900 (RM90 per session)
20 sessions: RM1600 (RM80 per session)
30 sessions: RM2100 (RM70 per session)

One comment
  1. Jay

    Hi i am member of BF gym i notice at the 2nd floor, The flat utility bench was dismantled for many months was not repaired . Now yesterday Sunday 4th feb we went up and discovered the calf machine and another abb bench was dismantle .
    So far we were using the calf machine was fine and no defect at all, and there was no reason to dismantle the a pair of cushion layer from the calf machine, The last we use the “CM” ( calf Machine) last week on the 1st mar 2018 .
    We were shock to see the “CM” was dismantle. Hope it can be rectify in what ever is necessary, cos this CM is really mandatory for us Thank you.

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