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Celebrity Fitness Malaysia Branches And Price.

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Is Celebrity Fitness The Most Picked Gym by Malaysian?

By far, the best rated commercial gym in Malaysia is Celebrity Fitness and Fitness First.Lets do some comparison among these 2 giant fitness company.

Celebrity Fitness Malaysia Total Branches:22(as in 21/8/2015)

Fitness First Malaysia Total Branches: 12 (as in 21/8/2015)

Lets get some data from google trend:

celebrity fitness malaysia

As we can see from the data ,on year 2009 ,Celebrity Fitness Malaysia is picking up their business pretty well.After 6 years of brand building, consistent hardwork and dedication from the Celebrity Fitness Malaysia team,finally they are catching up with Fitness First Malaysia on year 2015 .

celebrity fitness Malaysia 2015
On year 2015 April, Celebrity Fitness Malaysia has a total of 75 search and only 58 for Fitness First Malaysia.I hope that Celebrity Fitness Malaysia could be at their best in servicing their members and provide a healthy working out environment to dear Malaysian.

The Price for Celebrity Fitness 1 club is RM175 and RM 209 for all club access.

For more information on celebrity fitness malaysia branches and membership price please visit:




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