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Cyberbully is The Next Criminal “Trends” In Malaysia .

Cyberbully is The Next Criminal "Trends" In Malaysia .

I just finished my assignment on psychology , regarding cyberfully , and this is part of my opinion.

There are a few causes of cyberbullying . In my opinion the causes of cyberbullying is due to the easy access to the bully activity . Additionally if we want to bully someone (teasing , scold , humiliate, hit) we have to go to the person that we wanted to bully . But with the convenience of internet we could harass anyone within a few clicks . Cyberbullying can be done in pretty much any social media platform . Instagram , facebook , weibo , twitter basically anything that we could connect to others . Another reasons why cyberbullying happens because it can be done anonymously. With the apps like Sarahah ,which allow user to sent message to others users anonymously . Well , if a person could rob a bank and get all the money , without getting know he/she is the one who did it , I believe no bank could survive , and people that are crazy about money will keep robbing the bank. Eventhou , social media such as facebook , instagram need user to put up their real photos in order to identified the user , but for those that intended to misuse this technology will no be following the rules. Fake account are all over facebook .Another causes of cyberbully is to increase the self esteem and confident through bullying others. According to Grace Gabriel, bullying others will result in the escalating level of confidence . The reason behind is that the person that bully others , will think that they are able to control others and also it is the way to maintain their popularity (Grace Gabriel). Another reason of cyber bullying maybe caused by the motive of revenge .Taking embarrassing photos of the person that you do not like and share it all around the internet is one of the cyberbully act . Human being is animal that need attention . Grace also mention that People that did not get much attention from home , school , teacher and others , might have a higher chance of performing cyberbullying act .Beside that , people that have family conflict may also become a cyberbullier . They may often see their parents being aggressive toward friends, siblings or other members of the family.Therefore , they will follow their parents’s footstep and start the aggressive act to others online or offline .Furthermore , ego , arrogant and over confidence on oneself may also contribute to the act of cyberbully. This is because they want to remind others that their social status are lower than theirs .For example , a senior students at high school might bully someone that is junior at the school .

According to a research by, the results from the research indicate that there is a significant relationship between cyberbullying and depression among adolescents and those who are studying in college . To be more accurate, the results showed that higher levels of cyberbullying victimization were related to higher levels of depressive affect. With a open-ended question about the negative effects of cyberbullying, that carried out by Raskauskas and Stoltz45 ,shows that 93% of cybervictims reported negative effects, with the majority of victims reporting feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and powerlessness.

At the same report above ,Finkelhor found that 32% of targets of cyberbullying experienced at least one symptom of stress. According to the Second Youth Internet Safety Survey, indicated that 38% of adolescent victims were having emotionally distressed , as a consequences of being harassed on the Internet.Cyberbullying and suicidal behavior are closely related . According to a research on the relationship between involvement in cyberbullying and suicidality , by Hinduja and Patchin , the results are shocking .The result of the research shows that both targets and perpetrators of cyberbullying , were more likely to think about committing suicide compare to others who were not involved with cyberbullying. To further expand the research result , the victim of cyberbullying were almost twice as likely to have attempted suicide (1.9times).(Charisse L Nixon ,2014)

Furthermore , victim of cyberbullying were more likely to use alcohol , drugs and carry a weapon at school . To be more specific , victim were eight times more likely than others to carry a weapon to school ,according to a research by Ybarra .The victim of cyberbully may feel powerless and constantly living in fear . This is because by using the internet , bullying can be easily take place at . Whatsap , we chat , facebook. There are no safety place that the victim could escape from .The victim may feel worthless , and useless to others and also to the society .They may take respond to these feelings in a negative way by harming themselves .For instance, if a girl is consistently being called fat, she may begin a crash diet , then may cost their health . The victim might be collecting vengeful inside themself . This approach is very dangerous as he/she may release the vengeful to others , and start bullying others .And this will caused the bully-victim cycle going .

Some of the proven based method that able to prevent cyberbully is to spent lesser time online , promoting and enhance student’s self-esteem ,promote warm and nurturing relationships with students parent .Educators such as school teacher , should work towards helping students and their parents in setting up warm , nurturing relationship which include close adult monitoring on internet activity and also others ares of the student’s life event . American Academy of Pediatrics stressed on the important of parents to participate in open discussion with children and young adult about their online behavior , and also apply necessary safeguard to protect youngster from taking part in cyberbullying activity. In a research conducted on Turkish adolescent ,in order to prevent future cyberbullying activities , increasing adolescents’ affective (for example, “My friends’ feelings don’t affect me”) and cognitive empathy (for example, “I can understand why my friend might be upset when that happens”) is essential .(Charisse L Nixon ,2014)

Furtheremore ,a study from Hinduja and Patchin ,state that adolescents’ socializing agents such as peer groups , family,community ,media, play an important role in whether or not the children choose to cyberbully others. A random survey that consist of 4,441 adolescents, results state that adolescents who witness that several of their friends that cyberbully others were more likely to cyberbully others as well. Therefore , school plays a very important part in providing a positive environment , as students will spent most of their time in school .(Charisse L Nixon ,2014)

As a conclusion ,in Malaysia, based on statistics compiled by CyberSecurity Malaysia, there were 300 cyber harassment cases in 2012, 512 in 2013, 550 in 2014, 442 in 2015 and 529 in 2016.These make up the total of 1,524 cyberbullying cases recorded in the past five years . As mentioned earlier , cyberbully is just as lethal as a gun that loaded with bullets. Therefore , educating the right knowledge , enhancing the self esteem of the adolescent , should be the efforts from every socialization agents of the child , and not only putting the responsibility on teacher only . In the microssytem , family , community , peer groups ,school ,media plays a very important role in sculpting a person’s personality and behavior . Therefore , when all of these ares are able to provide a positive impact on a person , I believe that , cyberbully activity could be reduced to the minimum .

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