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Experience As A Coach That Travelling With National Team

Hei guys ,im now at Taiwan Gao Xiong for BLIA Cup 2017 .

This is the 3rd trip ,that im following Malaysia Female Basketball atheletes for exposure games , as a sport performance coach.

Malaysia female basketball taiwan

Wow ! Weng you so good ,get to travel and jalan jalan with your job.

Well , my 3 virgin trips to Perth ,Japan and Taiwan ,all given to Malaysia Basketball Women team d . It is definately a great experience to travel to those places ,IF i get to live like you guys when travelling to those places .

Some typical schedule over here in Taiwan ,

6am start strength and conditioning training .

8am breakfast

Rest after breakfast

12pm lunch

2pm Getting ready for games or court training

7pm Dinner

8pm Physio and stretching

10pm Sleep

X 14 days

with half days of casual mall look see look see.

It is tiring ass!

Anyway , thank you Malaysia Basketball Association presidents ,coaches ,and athletes for giving me this great opportunity to show what i have to improve the Malaysia Basketball athletes”s performance . GAM XIA.



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