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Fast Weight Loss 201:5 Great Successful Weight Loss Habits


1)  Goal Oriented

The first habit is to become goal oriented.

You need to be a realistic weight loss goal setter.Set a goal that is high enough but is achievable. And this whole weight loss goal setting habits need to be consistent .It need to be a daily task.Set your goal daily,what are the healthy food that you are going to eat today?What time are you going to exercise today? Successful weight loser  know exactly what they want, they have it written down and also plans to accomplish it.


2)  Results Driven

Successful weight loser is results driven.

Result driven is divided into 2 parts:

  1. Never stop learning on what is good and not so effective for your body.Some food or excercise programme might be good for others but not you.Keep learning your body.
  2. Time management. If you do not have time for your own health ,whatelse in this world do you have time for?We will not have time unless we make it.Set clear priorities and focus on what you want to do every single day.


3) Talk Is Cheap ,DO IT!

As i mention alot of time on my post, even thou you have the best weight loss blueprint on your hand,but no consistent action is taken by you,trust me,you will still be the same as where were you if not worst.Screwed procrastination and fears,put your  101% effort toward the achievement of your most important goals.

4) Be Honest To Yourself.

Psychologically we can not change what we do not know.If you do not know and accept that you are overweight ,you will not take action to loss those extra kgs. Therefore,be honest with yourself.If you are 5 kgs heavier and is on the overweight par, go and exercise and eat healthier.

5) Self-Disciplined

Ok,what is disciplined?For me discipline is doing something that you need to do when noone is looking at you.Your ability to discipline yourself, to master yourself, to control yourself to resist all those temptation very important during the whole weight loss journey.Will you have your junk burger when noone looking at you?Will you secretly snack on ice-cream when noone watching you?

I always believe that life is able to be created by what we do as habit.You are where you are and what you are today because of your habits.Therefore,start changing your habits now, and see your life change .




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