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FAST WEIGHT LOSS 201:Successful Weight Loss Goal Setting Formulation

Successful Weight Loss Goal Setting Formulation

Only 3% of adults have CLEAR, WRITTEN, SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE,TIME-BOUNDED GOAL, and by every statistic, they accomplish ten times as much as people with no goals at all. 

So ,if your goal does not have the 5 elements mention above, you probably cannot achieve your goal.In this article, i will be sharing with you the successful weight loss goal setting formulation.Yes, it is a formula or a system.

The 5 steps formulation that we are going to use to create a successful weight loss goal setting is the goal setting system that introduced by Locke,Cartledge and Knerr in 1970.

The Goal Setting Formulation (Locke,Cartledge and Knerr(1970))

Existent ->cognition ->emotional reactions->goal  -> action

Sounds like rocket science?Wait until you do it.

1. Existent

Incentives or previous outcome

2. Cognition

Evaluation against value

3.Emotional Reactions

Satisfied or dissatisfaction


Improvement on next trial

5. Action

Result improved

Weight Loss Scenario :

Jenny written her goal to lose 10kgs by the 31th of August 2016.On the 31th of August , she able to lose 5kgs ,she is not very happy about it and want to work harder to achieve better result.The Weight Loss Goal Setting Formulation:

Existent(lose 5kgs) ->cognition(too low compare with 10kgs) ->emotional reactions(dissatisfaction) ->goal(work harder to improve)   -> action( lose more weight)

Happy lifing:)

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