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Fast Weight Lost 201:How to Stay Focus On Losing Weight

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Yo yo yo.Have a goal of losing 20 kgs in 6 months ?Great that you have such a determination .What is next?STAYING FOCUS ON LOSING THOSE WEIGHT is what you really need to be doing.

Let me explain this.You have the top notch weight lost programme that you bought or downloaded online or even hire a fitness coach .You have the guarantee fast weight loss meal plan the have every single details on how much daily macro and calories you need in order to lose weight in 6months.

how to stay focused on losing weight

So ,theoretically , losing those 20kgs of weight is not a problem at all.However, when days,weeks,months pass by, to your dismay , you DID NOT LOSE EVEN ACHIEVE 50% OF THE GOAL!Then ,you will start to blame the exercise plan does not works, eating healthy is bullshit ,your body type is mean to be fat ,personal trainer is useless blah blah blah. To make things worst , you started to give up and look for some easy way to lose weight. And you ended up spending thousands and thousands  on weight loss products that have the same value of a pack of RM50 fibers and some foil wrapping services, that you can get those foil for RM8.90 in Tesco.

What Actually Went Wrong?

You Do Not Understand The Journey


Statement 1: “If you’ve never exercised before, you will start seeing noticeable results very quickly. Even if your workouts are basic, you’ll experience obvious increases in strength, fitness and endurance after the first couple weeks of training.You’ll more likely see results after the first month or two, providing you are training at sufficient intensity. “-livestrong

Statement 2:“Losing 1?2 pounds per week is a reasonable and safe weight loss. Losing weight at this rate will help you to keep off the weight. And it will give you the time to make new healthy lifestyle changes.”-nhlbi.nih.gov

So,did you see your problem now? No?

From above statement ,it says that if you NEVER exercise before , you will more likely to see results after the FIRST OR TWO MONTH,and this is consider fast, compare with advance lifter, and the healthy rate of losing weight is 1 to 2 pounds a weeks.Thus ,lets do the Math, so the first month you have loss 2 pound(apprx 1kgs) and at the end of the 6th month training you will lose 6kgs !Congrats!

However, this is not what you want or expected.Most people will drop off at the first 3 months of training ,because they cant see themself losing 20kgs in 6 months .With the fact that they exercise and diet so hard.Well, of course i do understand the feeling of  failure after all the effort ,works ,tears and sweat that someone already put in but did not get what he/she deserve.

 3 Things You Must Do Before You Start Your Exercise Porgramme.

1.List down 5 things every morning ,that you need to do, to help you to lose weight.


a) Today no junk food

b) I need to go for a 45minutes jog today

c) I need to eat 2 portions of vegetable today

d) I only can drink plain water today

f) I will park my car further from my office ,so that i can walk to office.

This is to anchor the healthy habit into your daily life.

2. Be Realistic.

By knowing that all fitness programme takes time to show result ,you will be more realistic on the time frame you will need to achieve your goal. A never give up mind set ,and always look for a solution is the key to success.

3.Have A Positive Environment

Clean out all those junk food ,process food or any unhealthy food from your kitchen and fridge.This is to provide you a positive and supportive healthy environment towards your weight loss goals.

That’s it for today.Happy Weight Loss 🙂

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