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Lifestlye Fitness @ Temerloh Pahang

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Lifestlye Fitness is currently the biggest and most exclusive gym in Temerloh. This gym have a complete set of equipment and aerobic classes.The  different of this gym compare to the rest  in Pahang is  their special functional and crossfit training .

What is functional and crossfit training?

This method of training is started by military and police force.Their training principal is focus on strength and conditioning program. When perform this type of training correctly , your body will be transformed into a fat burning machine!!!! Start your training programme now with LifestyleFitness.



Lifestyle Fitness


No12, Tingkat 1&2 ,Jalan Muhibbah 1,

Taman Muhibbah,

28000 Temerloh, Pahang

012-2298 066

016-9387 678

011-2938 9485

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