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Where To Post My Fitness & Health Article To Promote My Website/Business ?

Do you actually need a degree in English in order to be an fitness article contributor ? Well , some web site might have strict and loads of T&C for their writers , but when you write in we need only one thing from you ,


So lets talk a little bit about the benefits of being a guest posting on .

1. Get Quality Traffic

The biggest advantage of guest blogging and why a lot of people are investing their time in it ,  is the quality traffic it sends .

Just for an example , for the month of July 2017 alone , the What’s Hot In Sunway? The Sun gym In Sunway Is Betting Their Competitors article , has 452 views .

Where To Post My Fitness & Health Article To Promote My Website/Business ?

For the extreme case , i got a post that is about the closure of True Fitness , i get 2k plus likes and more than 40 over comments in just a short months time .

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2. Build Domain and Search Engine Authority

Another major benefits of guest blogging is that it helps you build your domain name and search engine authority. For example, if you take this website as an example, without me investing my time and money in any special SEO tactics or  purchasing building links from other sources ,this web site gets over 4000 users and 7000 view from search engines every month .


3. Others Platform to share your story .

The 3rd benefits of being our guest post is that we would help you to share your story with out others social media platform as well .

We have  3 platforms to share your story , inspiration , motivation and love on fitness .

fitness and health article contributor

Visit FB: wenghonnfitness

fitness and health guest posting contributor

Visit FB: fitness resources

fitness and health guest posting contributor

Visit Udemy

(only for selected article )

So, how to start your guest posting with us ?


Sent us a mail on or

fb us @ wenghonnfitness  .



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