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10 Easy and Effective Ways to Gain Weight Fast

One of the biggest myths in today’s world is that gaining weight is much easier than losing weight. It has also been said that gaining weight in a healthy way is somehow a tough process and is a task for one who is heading towards this journey. This is simply because a thin person’s stomach is small in size and being able to increase appetite is a challenge. Secondly, even if the person has a proper appetite and indulges in all kind of foods possible, the possibility of gaining weight is also low. In most cases, they end up gaining more and unhealthy fats which is dangerous for the body.

One of the main concerns for the thin people is how to gain weight in the right manner and the way to spread it into their bodies well and not concentrating in the abdominal area. Being underweight can be as a result of poor selection of foods, inadequate eating habits, improper amount of calories in the diet, lack of proper absorption of nutrients or even prolonged diseases among others.

Below are 10 easy and effective ways to gain weight fast:

1. Increasing the protein intake

Protein intake is very essential for gaining weight. This is a requirement that should be undertaken on a daily basis. Proteins are known to be the building blocks of the body and a deficiency in this leads to one not achieving the healthiest results. Some of the foods include panner, tofu, and chicken among others. Red meat can also help in gaining weight especially if one is working on building muscles. Other are salmon which is high in calories and fats as well as yogurts.

2. Lifting weights for lean muscles

This simply means the amount of weight that the body can carry, which is not fat. This is because the main objective is to increase lean body mass. In order to attain this, one should indulge in heavy weight lifting. This should include exercises such as deadlifts, squats, pull-ups, presses, rows, snatches, and jerks. All these exercises help in engaging multiple muscles and at the same time triggering the hormonal response systems.

3. Eat lots of carbs and fat

Majority of the individuals try restricting either fat or carbs whenever they’re trying to lose weight. For those whose goal is to gain weight, then this is a bad idea because it will make it harder for one to get enough calories. Eating plenty of high-fats foods and high-carb is the best idea for those who want to gain weight.

4. Drink milk and other high calorie beverages

Drinking whole milk is a simple way to get in more high quality calories and proteins. In case you find yourself getting full on liquids especially during meals, then you need to count on these liquids. Look for fat milk rather than skim and also put protein powder or peanut butter in your shakes and smoothies.

5. Consume vegetables and fruits

Instead of an individual filling his or her stomach with celery or other watery vegetables, considering some vegetables with some calories can easily bring about weight gain. Some of the starchy vegetables include sweet potatoes, potatoes, corn and squash can really help one in gaining weight. Some fruits such as bananas, grapes, blueberries and mangoes can also give an individual fiber and calories.

6. Have enough sleep

It is a requirement that one gets at least 8 to 9 hours of sleep every night in order to get maximum gains. The body is not doing anything but lying and building muscles while asleep. For those getting only 6 hours or less, then it means that the benefits of your diet and exercise can’t be seen. Have enough sleep and let your body build muscles which will make you gain weight easily.

7. Feeding habits

When one eats a single healthy meal and other three unhealthy ones will only slower the actual process and may also lead to some health hazards. There are some basics that every individual should remember pertaining eating habits in order to gain weight as required such as chewing of food properly to improve digestion, avoiding excessive intake of alcohol and caffeinated drinks since it hinders proper absorption of nutrients, cooking foods that are beneficial and also keeping track of your weight.

8. Eat more meals

When one is underweight, he or she may feel full faster. By simply eating 5 to 6 meals a day rather than the usual 2 to 3 meals, then gaining weight is much easier. Make sure to increase the eating window by waking up very early and taking breakfast. Studies show that most skinny guys don’t take anything for breakfast. Also, their eating window is less than 10 hours long. This leads to them not gaining weight because in most cases they will only take two meals without ant calories before the noon.

9. Do not smoke

One of the major effects of smoking is the loss of weight. According to some studies, smokers tend to weigh less when compared to non-smokers. If you are addicted to smoking and you have lost weight in the process, then quitting smoking will lead to weight gain.

10. Use sauces, condiments and spices

It is very vital to eat whole, single ingredient meals. The main challenge is that these foods fills more when compared to processed junk foods and thus making it harder for one to get enough calories. Using plenty of sauces, spices and condiments will really help much in this. The tastier the food, the more one is capable of eating a lot. It’s also important to emphasize on energy-dense foods since they are foods that have many calories relative to their weight.


In conclusion, these are some of the easy and effective ways that an underweight person can use in order to gain weight. By simply eating a lot of calories, your body will gain weight and respond later by reducing your appetite and also boosting metabolism. All this are largely mediated by weight regulating hormones as well as the brain.

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