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Group Fitness Instructor Career In Malaysia and Certification

Group Fitness Instructor Career In Malaysia and Certification

Yoyoyoyo , what sup fitness entrepreneurs ! So you are wondering how is the group fitness instructor career in Malaysia looks like  , and how to get certified as one ? NO worries , i got you covered .

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Career in Group Fitness Instructor

Before we move on further , lets explore some of the career opportunities as a group fitness instructor .

  1. Dance group instructor 

This is one of the most common group instructor career . If you are into dancing like Zumba , african dance ,then this is for you .

  2. Les Mills Group Instructor

This is the most popular group instructor career options . You can get certified under Les Mill programme and be one of their licensed group instructor . Most of the commercial gym would favour Les Mills certified group instructors than others. You salary might be better than those that are not Les Mills Certified . Some of the popualr les mills courses are :

a) RPM

b) Body Pump

c) Body Combat

d) Grit

e) Zumba

For more information about Les Mills certification go here

    3. Self create group instructor 

Well , basically every training , you can do it in a group , its all depends on how creative are you. You can do a group weight loss training ,programme , group body building training , yoga is a common group training classes, it doenst matter what training you are doing , as long as you are doing in a group , then you are considered a group instructor .


  1. Employed by company

So if you working for a company , says ABC fitness , the range of salary is about RM50 -RM120 per session . Some pay more , some pay less . It all depends on how popular and how good you are . Let me show you another shocking facts . When i was working in a commercial gym , i know a group instructor that teaches ONLY RPM , she earns like RM 12,000 a month , YES , it is a big FATTT RM12k nett a month !! Her per class pay at that time was RM 120 .

Some good things about group instructor over a personal training is that , you do not need to do any SALES for the company . What you need to do is to show up , do a great presentation on stage and you are done . The downside is that , you might need to travel all around the place and you will be tire ass , when you have back to back classes . Imagine training non stop for 2 – 3 hours  or more.

2. Free Lance Group Instructor

Well , i know alot of free lance group instructor . One of them , she charges RM200 per session for her Zumba class .

I also know an ace certified group fitness instructor that charges RM350 per session for his weight loss training .

Alot of boutique gym hire only free lance group instructor ,this is to cut down their fix cost , as they only need coaches when they have enough clients book in for the class .

If you are a certified Ace Group Fitness trainers , you salary and reputation will be definitely better than those that do not have one .
American Council on Exercise
I always favour group training more than 1 on 1 coaching , unless you are able to charge RM500-600 per session on your one to one coaching .

Let me tell you why .

For example,

You are charging RM 30 person per class for your weight loss group training . 10 people join your class .

On that class alone you already get paid RM 300 .

So , you are charging less to your clients , compare to a one on one coaching , and you get paid more . RM30 is much more affordable than a RM150 one on one coaching .

Qualification and Certification :

There are tonnes of group fitness certification out there . But i prefer to stick with the professional and international recognized one .

With the Ace Group Fitness Instructor Study Programs you will be guided and learn the step by step method , on  group training principle , how to plan an effective group training programme , how to market your training programme and also how to run different type of group fitness programme.

Some of the important things that you are  going to learn in Ace Group Fitness Instructor Study Programs :

  1. Program Design Made Easy Using the ACE IFT™ Model
    Here is an overview: Phase 1 (Stability & Mobility), Phase 2 (Movement), Phase 3 (Load), and Phase 4 (Performance).

    2. How to create raining programs around one of three general models: equipment-based, technique- or skill-based, or outcome-based.

    3. How to market your small group training program

more information on Ace Group Fitness Instructor Study Programs click here

American Council on Exercise


Group Fitness Business In Malaysia

Malaysia’s fitness industry is lacking about 10 years behind the America . But , we are catching up fast . I have chosen some the big brand group fitness business in Malaysia that are doing well .

fly cycle group cycling in malaysia

  1. Fly cycle

Fly cycle”s concept is inspired by soul cycle in New York US . It is a group based cycling group classes .With all the hot chicks and hot guys , who doesnt want to go there ?

Btw , FYI soul cycle in US  is a IPO company . It is that big ! David Becham and others super star celebrities trained there .

Pricing :

1 class is RM75 , the more you buy the cheaper you get . YES RM75 PER PERSON , PER CLASS .

Fly cycle official web site and contact click here 

       2 . Babel Gym

babel gym in ttdi kuala lumpur

Babel gym located in TTDI , is the latest must talk gym around Kuala Lumpur . There have tonnes of interesting group classes such as Snooze powered by Getha  , which is a “sleeping ” group class , yes you go there to sleep . There also have Boga Fit which you train your core , coordination on a floated bed. Best of all , they have their own apps that able to track most of your gym activities .

Babel Gym official web site and contact click here

3. HIM Sports Kuala Lumpur

Are you a sports fanatics or a competitive athletes ? This might be your favorite place to go . This place built exclusively for athletes .

Why do i say so ?

Whatever they have , whatever they do , it is all about getting their athletes to train better and perform better at the field. They already have 3 branches over in Korea , and now they are bringing the best technology from Korea to Malaysia . They do alot of group training for sports athletes .

What facilities do they have ?(not limited to)

  1. Focus Shockwave Therapy
  2. Infrared Therapy
  3. Active Cryo Chamber
  4. Oxygen Chamber
  5. Sport performance facilities
  6. EMS

Him sports training center official web site and contact click here 

I hope that you have a good overview on the Group Fitness Instructor Career In Malaysia and Certification . If you have  any questions , feel free to drop it on the comment box .Cheers

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