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Fast Weight Loss 101-Having Your Daily Green Juice for Detox? Well ,That is Too Mainstream.The Latest Research Show That Charcoal…..


 activated charcoal capsuleHaving Your Daily Green Juice for Detox? Well ,That is Too Mainstream.The Latest Research Show That Charcoal Has More Benefits That Just A Barbecue Thing.Let Me Introduce You 


Scratching your head? Let me explain this.Activated charcoal normally derived from coconut shells, wood, or peat. What is the meaning of “activated”? The activation of charcoal is caused by the additional process it undergoes after the charcoal is formed when it’s exposed to certain gases at very high temperatures. This causes the formation of a large number of very small pores on the charcoal’s surface, which work as microscopic traps to take up compounds and particles. –

Some of the Activated Charcoal Products Include

  1. activated charcoal for teeth

You can get this activated charcoal for teeth from  Natural Tooth & Gum Powder with Activated Charcoal, 2.75oz

     2.activated charcoal capsules 

Get your top quality activated charcoal capsules from trusted brand like Nature’s Way Activated Charcoal, 100 Capsules

Beside that, there are also web site and youtube video that teach you  how to make activated charcoal !

Below is the web site on How To Make Activated Charcoal at Home

how to make activated charcoal

How To Make Activated Charcoal At Home

How This Black Carbon Thing Help Me to Detox?

Activated charcoal is brilliant at trapping chemicals and prevents their absorption.

It’s not absorbed into the body, and is put into the gastrointestinal tract to reduce the absorption of drugs and other poisons after they have been ingested, but before they have been absorbed into the body (scientifically speaking, the contents of the mouth, throat, stomach, large and small intestine and rectum are considered “outside of” the body). –

However, according to the mixture of activated charcoal into juice will actually bring less benefits to the body compare to a pure juice.a juice company started putting activated charcoal into green juices.

“However, this could actually make their product less effective and healthful. The activated charcoal may bind nutrients and phytochemicals from fruit and vegetables and prevent their absorption by your body.”


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