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High Protein Breakfast Recipes For your good Fitness

Six protein-enriched breakfast diets to boost the day start

Protein is very much soothing for your muscles and tissues. Besides, many experts suggest protein in every of the diet for health-conscious people. Protein helps in lowering the impact of workout on your muscles and tissues. Considering all the health benefits of protein, it’s actually a workout-friendly food-nutrient. If you are considering protein in most of your diets, you are making a smart move for your diet.

Having said protein is beneficial, we have listed out some protein-filled foods/diets that you can have before and after the workout, or for even your different meals for the day.


Oatmeal is rich in protein, and at the same time rich in carbs as well.

You can have an oatmeal at the breakfast, or for your light supper as well.

On an average, an oatmeal contains 11 grams of protein, enough to boost your strength for the day use some Health Products.

Veggie-Sub Sandwich

The veggie sub-sandwich seems very dry, but we have got no option for some mayo in it.

You can add up some baked potatoes to make it more soothing, but the core ingredient will be vegetables of any kind.

On an average, you will be having 20 grams of protein in this diet, and you can have it as snacks at afternoon as well.

Salmon and Rice

This particular meal can be soothing not only for your breakfast but for your lunch and dinner as well.

A salmon fillet, half cup steamed brown rice and steamed broccoli to ice the cake.

This meal will count the higher amount of protein, approximately up to 30 grams of protein on every meal.


A Chinese food, yummy and gummy, but rich in protein.

If you are facing some intense food craving after workouts, you should have tofu.

Tofu is suggested because it’s relatively high in protein. A firm tofu contains about 10 to 12 percent protein on overall food nutrients.


Egg white is pretty much rich in protein, perhaps a preferable on the go protein meal. You just don’t need to take a lot of task for preparing it, but you will just have a lot of protein task done by it.

So, on the day start, you can easily have 3 to 4 grams of protein if you are having the white part of the egg by any form, either fried, or boiled.

Nut N Bread

Nut N Bread, actually nut butter on the bread for your breakfast.

So it’s like you can avoid butter or jam, and layer the bread with some peanut butter instead. This will not only make it tastier but will also make it a protein-enriched diet.

On an average, if you are having two to three slices, you will have an intake of 10 to 15 grams of protein, enough to kick-start the day.


A protein shake is a drink that I haven’t listed for your breakfast tally because some solid foods are more preferable for any kind of breakfast. Well as protein shakes have some negative issues, it’s better sometimes to intake protein in natural form. But then again, calculative protein shake intake can turn it out to be pretty effective and beneficial, rather than harmful.

But, protein is very important, as it gives a good assist to your workouts and exercises. The six meal list provided probably will be enough for your breakfast, and enough for your body’s protein craving for the very first portion of the day, as well.





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