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How Did Malaysia Women Basketball Team Win in 2017 Seagames ?

Seagames Malaysia Women Basketball Team 2017 1
Seagames Malaysia Women Basketball Team 2017
Seagames Malaysia Women Basketball Team Gold Medalist 2017

Hei all , first of all , i would like congrats to the Malaysia Women Basketball team for winning the gold medal again in Sea Games 2017 .

Alot of you might be curious how the heck Malaysia team could win over strong basketball country such as Philippines ? Not to mention others strong opponents ,Thailand and Indonesia .

I have been training the Malaysia Women Basketball team for the past 9 months to prepare them for Seagames 2017 .  Under the conditions of poor resources such as training technology , financial supports , and professional services such as physio , nutritionist and others expert to support the team , we still manage to win the Gold medal .

Why is that?

Let me reveal the secret to the winning of the team .

Despite we are lacking of support in difference areas , when compare to the others country ,


we have a few things that others country may not have.

1.Strong supports from the president of  Malaysia Basketball Association , Dato Lua Choon Han

Seagames Malaysia Women Basketball Team 2017
You will not see any president waving the country flag like a mad person , just because he wanted to give the best support to his team.

2.Super fans that support the team from the first match till the end .

Seagames Malaysia Women Basketball Team 2017
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3. The sacrifice of the coaches.

These coaches are like the women team’s sister/mother . They  take care  nearly everything about the players , from training , education and also future life planning . And these coaches spent their entire years ,every months , weeks ,days , hours , minutes and seconds with the players .

Seagames Malaysia Women Basketball Team 2017
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4.The sacrifice of the team players .

As we all know , basketball is not a very popular sports in Malaysia , especially in the women category . Lets face the facts , when a sport is not popular , the funding for the sports will also be low . These players are pretty much getting a very low paid , and they need to 100% stop their work or study in order to prepare for the Seagames 2017 . A hat off to the team .

Seagames Malaysia Women Basketball Team 2017 1
Seagames Malaysia Women Basketball Team 2017

5. Last but not least , the Kuasa Juara of the team.

If you have a chance , do dropby ,   join or at least have a look at  their training . Their training programme is not only gears towards strengthening and conditioning their physical , but also their mind . When competing with opponents that are about the same capability , the only things that will make a team win , is the MIND . As we can see , nearly all matches are tough games . Games that are tough enough to go beyond what the body can takes .

How did the girls survive in such rigid , tough ,brutal matches against their opponent ?

The Winning and NEVER BREAK DOWN mentality .

Kuasa Juara Song by KRU

You MIND could crash you , or make you a champion .

In every training session , noone is allow to give up until the last second of training . Their typical routine will be , starting their warm up at 7am , and training session start at 7.30am ,either gym session or ball practice . One day off every week .

EAT ====> TRAIN ====> SLEEP ====>REPEAT

Im very honour to be able to chip in my hand , in helping the Malaysia Women Basketball team in winning the gold medal in Seagames 2017 .

Seagames Malaysia Women Basketball Team 2017 1

from the bottom left :Coach Weng (sports perforamce coach ) , Team Manager Doc Ting , Team Leader Dato Wira Tan , MABA President Dato Lua , Coach Yoong (head coach ) and coach Choo (assistant coach)

Malaysia Boleh!

Bangkit Bersama!

Kita JUARA !


Seagames 2017 final :Malaysia Women Basketball VS Thailand Women Basketball 

  1. Peggy Chan

    Congratulations!! A lot of team effort, sacrifices, dedication, determination & strong support have made you winners. Well deserved & I hope the govt. takes recognition. Coaches deserve accolades & better pay. They deserve to be rewarded for training the team to excellence & winning the Gold.

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