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How To Be A Super Trainer At Your Work Place

Hei , if you are reading this , i am sure that you are not a super trainer YET .

But after reading this and implement whatever strategy and tricks that i am going to share with you , you are going fly up real high .

Disclaimer : What am i going to share over here , is 100% based on my experience and what i learn throughout my years of working in a commercial gym , private gym and also as a national coach .

Ok , lets learn how you can be a super trainer .

Trick 1 : Smile

I am not the most charming trainer at the gym , i am not the smartest trainer at the gym and i am also not the best sales talker at the gym . But i have the best SMILE at the gym , that able  to overcome all the other disadvantages .

When you smile , others will smile back to you . Psychologically smiling makes you seem courteous , likable , and competent .  Start smiling now , not like those crazy kekekekekekekekekakkaakkakak  smile of course .

When you see a strange at the gym , smile like he is your prince charming or snow white and walk away .  You will be surprise that , he/she wil come to you when they have questions about training .

Trick 2 : Be Proactive

Just have a quick count , how many trainers are there at your gym ? 10 ? 15 ? 20 ? How people are  going to notice you , if you stay quiet , and hiding at the corner whatsapping your girlfriend ?


I know sometime it will be quiet difficult for you , to talk to a total stranger . Use my trick at no 1 . Smile and walk off . When you do that , unconsciously you guys are actually communicating with each others . And when the next time you see him/her again just says , “hi how are you “.

How hard will that be ?

I am not asking you to ask her/him out for a date yet  (be friend first ya ).

The #1 way to get sales is from floor walking .  Imagine that the gym’s floor is like a fish pond , and you are a fisherman .  GO OUT AND FISH !

Note: Walk the floor means ,walking around the gym .


When i was a personal trainer , i spent alot of time thinking , what is the best way to close a sales ? I study the DISC method , too complicated , I study behaviour psychology it helps, but it needs tonnes of practice .I gonna share something that you can implement right away , which is think like your clients.Wear their shoes . The easiest way is think of their role , as a mum , father , boss, lawyer etc. When you are taking to a doctor , make sure whatever you says and act , it needs to be super professional. But when you talk a mum , you can chip in some jokes here and there .


Knowledge is the key to success in the fitness industry. A lot of you guys ask me ,coach Weng what is the best personal training certification? In my opinion , there is no best personal training certification , as long as the certification is a recognized organization that you are good to go . Secondly ,certification in personal training is just the most basic ,I repeat THE MOST BASIC certification that a personal trainer should take .

What is more important is what are you going to do next? What niche are you going to venture into ? Ask yourself these questions.

If you want to know more on how to create a successful personal training career I have created a step by step system that you can follow and success in your personal training career.

I hope this help ….comment below if you have other ways to create more sales as a personal trainer.
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