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Fast Weight Loss 101-How To Burn Fat Fast After Having Your Bowl of Big Curry Laksa?

curry noodle soup , coconut curry noodle soup

Halo people, laksa is one of the MUST eat food in Malaysia. A thick, rich, and heady coconut milk noodle laksa ,topped with tau fu pok and bean sprout is definitely irresistible!But ,after having a big bowl of coconut curry noodle soup , i feel guilty, because i feeeeel FAT!

Ok,lets look at what I normally do to burn off the fat fast after having laksa.

First ,lets us understand the curry noodle soup anatomy .

Coconut Curry Laksa Anatomy

curry noodle soup , coconut curry noodle soup

Photo credited to Sidney Kan

Hell yeah ,a whopping of 907 calories in a bowl of your favourite coconut curry noodle soup .However, this is not your typical curry noodle soup.This curry noodle is from Big Bowl Curry Noodle at Jalan Bidara 1. The typical Curry noodle only worth about 500-600 calories in general ,due to the absent of  roasted pork  and fried wonton.


curry noodle soup , coconut curry noodle soup

Workout Strategy and Game Plan

  1. HIIT
  2. Compound exercise
  3. Short rest

Lets Take Them Down!

Routine 1:

Jog 4 minutes

Sprint 30 seconds

repeat this routine:8 rounds.

Approximately Calories Burn : 896

Routine 2:

Burpees X 1 minute

Squat X 1minute

Sit Up X 1 minute

repeat this routine 2 rounds.

Rest as minimum as possible.

Approximately Calories Burn : 46


942 Cals

(Result May Be Vary)

Alright, so you know what to do everytime after you had your big bowl of coconut curry noodle soup .

curry noodle soup , coconut curry noodle soup

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Get yourself a copy of 21 minutes to lose weight training programme .

Notes:Above calories for food and exercise is just an estimation .Use at your own risk.




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