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How to Get A Fitness Instructor Certification In Malaysia?

How to Get A Fitness Instructor Certification In Malaysia?

There are actually differences between fitness instructor and personal trainer.Let me explain below:

Fitness Instructor

This instructor is NOT allow to take clients.He/she is like a assistant to a qualified personal trainer.When i just done my study in New Zealand Institute of Sport, i was given a role of fitness instructor for 3 months ,before fully becoming a personal trainer.My job including ,ASSIST gym member ,do gym chores and assist the personal trainer in programming.

Personal Trainer

Personal trainer is the real qualified coached that able to train and coach others.

So,where can i take a personal trainer certification courses in Malaysia?

Personal trainer certification can be further divide into 2 category:


Offline Personal Training Certification

In Malaysia ,we really do not have much choices .There are only 2 main places that you can do it.

  2. PFC 

Oh ya,there are 2 main personal training certification that you can choose from NASM or ACE.

The differences?

In short ,NASM focuces more on programming ,ACE focus more on theory.Both are great.

How to Get A Fitness Instructor Certification In Malaysia?

Online Personal Training Certification

I will generally do not encourage beginner that do not have any knowledge on fitness ,take their certification online.This is because the are alot of fitness jargon and prior fitness knowledge that needed to complete the certification.A good classroom based course will be a better choice.However,if you are a tough motherFXXXer ,that wana challenge yourself,do it online.

Another advantage of doing online is that the cost is much more cheaper.Beside that,doing online you could do it on your own time,and is best for working people.

If you or any of yourself have taken any of these personal training certification in Malaysia ,feel free to share your experience over here , thank you.


  1. maznahzolkifli

    Hi. Im really keen to take the courses of becoming a Fitness Instructor thus pursue to becoming a Personal Trainer.

    If possible to attend class than doing it online. So what should I do and how do i enrol myself?

    tx, mazz

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