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How To Lose Weight Fast and EZ-Restructure Your Inner Scale

why i cant lose weight

About This Course

Course Description

Total:24 lectures

Total length: 1 hour

This course is about learning a successful proven weight loss systems,SO YOU CAN loss weight and have a healthier life permanently.

You will learn:

1) Cognitive theory, to overcome weight loss obstacle.

2) Technique to conquer your fear , and gain confidence in your weight loss process.

3) The right way to set,plan and achieve your weight loss goal using proven SMART goal method, so you can achieve all your weight loss goal as planned.

4) The best 5 strategies that you can use on your daily lifestyle.

5) Learn the 7 steps of problem solving method that used in psychology ,so you can discover what actually is the main obstacle that stopping you from losing weight, and quickly find a solution to fix it.

6) The 90 days complete weight loss exercise programme.

How To Lose Weight Fast and EZ-Restructure Your Inner Scale

What are the requirements?

  • You need an open mind and a desire to improve your life and health.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Understand The Crucial 6Keys To Success Weight Loss.
  • You will be able to breakthrough any obstacle that stopping you from getting healthy and fit.
  • You wil be able to learn the effective goal setting to achieve any of your fitness goal.
  • You will learn the 7 steps of problem solving method and find the best solution .

What is the target audience?

  • People that is looking for a wellness programme that able to help them to lose weight and also able to strengthen their mental health.
  • People that give up easily or cannot stick to a weight loss/fitness programme .As this programme will help them to stay focus on their goal until they hit it.
  • People that lost hope in losing their weight .This programme is able to re-motivate them ,anchor the positive and right mind set towards life and health,and get them back on track.
  • People that find it difficult to commit exercise in their daily routine.This course will be able to guide and coach them on finding the best solution to fix this problem based on individual lifestyle.

       How To Lose Weight Fast and EZ-Restructure Your Inner Scale

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