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Weight Loss Psychology 101:How To Lose Weight Fast Using The Behavior Therapy

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This might be a brand new information to all of you. A lot of the article or fitness expert out there only emphasizing on diet and exercise.What about the internal factor such as the mind set ,the attitude and behavior of a person?If you have been through any forms of training and diet ,you will agree with me that the hardest part is to stick with the routine ,and that will cost us a lot of mental strength .As a psychology student, i learn alot about the behavior of a person ,and i would like to use what i learn to help those people that struggle in getting into shape.


Lets learn about the The Psychology of Weight Loss .

What Is Behaviour Therapy & How It Will Help Us To Lose Weight Fast?

Behaviour therapy is a type of analysis that focuses on changing undesirable
behaviours. This maybe bad eating habits, lazy to exercise  etc.

Beside that,behavior therapy focusing on making an individual to understand how
changing their behavior can lead to changes in how they are feeling.The structured science
approach of behaviour therapy is carefully measures the activity that is carry out by an individual and seeks to increase the chances of positive experience.

Behaviour therapy are able to help an individual to lost weight by identifying the dysfunction behaviours(bad habits) and replacing them with healthier types of behaviour ,such as eating more vegetable or drinking more plain water instead of soft drinks.

The Common Stages Of Behaviour Therapy In Helping Individual To Lose Weight.

Self-monitoring.This is the first stage of treatment.Individual will be asked to keep a detailed log of his/her daily activities.By doing so , we can keep track on exactly what is the person is doing.For example, if time is the main concern for the individual for not exercising,this log will be a very useful tool for him/her to pin point where actually he/she can slot in some time for exercise.

Schedule of weekly activities. At this stage ,the individual is already able to slot in some weekly activities after the self-monitoring process.The main objective of this weekly activities is to create a positive experience for the individual.For example, looking back at Weng’s self-monitoring sheet, he is spending too much of time with television,therefore, he needs to go out for some walks or jogs .

Role-playing. In the third stage ,this approach is used to help a person to develop new skills . One of the reasons that Weng lazy to do exercise often is because he do not know the proper way to exercise.So, he will work together with his personal trainer and work on a training programme that is able to help him in achieving his weight loss goal.


Behaviour modification: In this last stage, the individual will receive a reward for
conducting a positive behavior such as exercising, eating healthy.Let’s say Weng wants a new
pair of Nike sport shoes. When he is able to exercise 4 days a week, he get to rewards himself the pair of new nike sport shoes.

As a conclusion, in order for the behavior therapy to works , the individual have to commit themselves fully in the process.Without fully committed , the result will not be on weight loss may not be success.

If you are interested in conducting a Behaviour Therapy with me feel free to contact me 🙂

Happy weight loss.

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