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How to Sell Personal Training In Malaysia?

How to Sell Personal Training In Malaysia?

How to Sell Personal Training In Malaysia?

Sup guys !!


Yes , if you cannot sell , you cannot be a personal trainer . You must be wondering now , wtf Weng , i am a personal trainer , why the heck do i need to do all the selling bull shit ??!!

Let me stop you here .

If noone buy your service , how are you going to afford your salmon and broccoli ? How can you afford to keep your six packs , and how are you going to feed those big ass biceps ?

SO selling skills is a skills that you must have as a personal trainer .

Now , lets learn how to sell personal training .

There are a couple of ways to sell personal training ,it depends on where  want to sell it .There are 2 ways to sell personal training session:

  1. Offline
  2. Online

How to Sell Personal Training Offline ?

Selling personal training offline is the main revenue stream for most personal trainers and this including me as well .I will share 4 best ways to sell personal training offline over here :

  1. Offer Your Training Services To Private Studio
  • Alot of private studio or fitness centrer are now hiring freelance trainers , as they do not what to have a fix overhead .You will be called when there are jobs for you.

    2. Offer Your Training Services to Condo and Club House

  • I do know some coaches that took up a club house and manage it with commision split between the clubhouse and the coaches .

    3.Offer Your Training Services to Gym

  • Similiar to no.1 , but instead this gym is those hardcore gym , where most people pay RM 10 per entre. There are getting more and more moderate chain gym in Malaysia , such as cobra gym , enrich gym  . You can approach them and leave you name cards of phone number with them.

   4. Giving out free training at padang

  • I know a few coaches that give up free group coaching or with a RM1 per class basis and have a fun group workout .You can do it at a community hall or padang.

How to Sell Personal Training Online ?

Selling online seems like the most easiest and cheapest way to do it , but it is actually not as eazyyyyyyyyy as you thought , you still need to put in the hard work , sweat and blood to earn your very first RM1 .

I will share 4 best ways to sell personal training online over here :

  1. Selling Through Social Media 
  • This is the most common business model that you can start immediately .Start posting your daily exercise routine , your food etc. But , do remember to tell your (literally) subscriber that you are offering pt , and they can look for you if they want to train with you .

     2. Selling Online Program

  • This is one of the best way to sell your personal training . By far the most successful one that i know of is the strength guy from Australia .The thing about online programming is that , you can charge lower than the traditional coaching fees . The downside is that the person need to have discipline to do it by themself.

    3.  Selling Through Ebook or audiobook

       4. Blogging

  • Just like what am i doing now , i write blog and talk about the personal training industry in  Malaysia . And i am consistently getting call from people asking me about the price etc . I am charging RM250 per session. So , only people that really keen will took up with me .Sometime ,pricing will let you know , how dies hard a person want to achieve something .

So , these are the ways that you can  Sell Personal Training In Malaysia .

Do share with us,  How You Sell Personal Training In Malaysia , in the comment box below .

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