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IFPA High Performance Training For Sports Revision Day 1

IFPA High Performance Training For Sports Study Revision Day 1

Hei peeps ,how things going , so after  Speed and Agility Coach Certification Course by Athletes Acceleration  certification , the next certification that im doing now is the IFPA High Performance Training For Sports . 

IFPA High Performance Training For Sports’s exam is not really hard to pass ,since it is on multiple choice , however , passing the exam is not the priority . To absorb all the knowledge from the tutorial is the key . A few keys point that i learn/refresh today is the training programme for younger athletes . Below is some training example that proposed by IFPA High Performance Training For Sports .


Some notes from  IFPA High Performance Training For Sports Study to share with you all ,

 “Literature has clearly demonstrated that individuals of the same chronological age can differ markedly with respect to biological age, 10  sometimes by as much as 4 or 5 years. pg 31 “

” a child athlete with a training age of zero would not be exposed to advanced training methods such as weightlifting or advanced plyometrics as soon as he or she starts the training journey. pg33 “

” Although there is no minimum age requirement for a child to start resistance training, the child must be sufficiently mature to understand instructions and be able to choose to participate. Pg35 “

” Similar to developing motor skills, when programming for muscular strength and power for young athletes, the primary consideration of the strength and conditioning coach should be training age and technical competency. Pg 39 “

” There are two main attributes for successful agility performance: change-of-direction speed (CODS) and cognitive function (see chapter 13). pg 41 “

If you are taking IFPA High Performance Training For Sports or already taken , feel free to share your experience with us 🙂

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