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Iphone X Launching! Selling Your Kidneys or Getting A Lean Six Packs ?

iPhone X price and function in malaysia

So , on the 13th of  September 2017, in conjunction with celebrating the 10 years anniversary of Apple , they announced the launching of iPhone 8 , iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X series .

The iPhone that catches the most attention is the iPhone X

iPhone X price and function in malaysia
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The iPhone X Specification and function as below :

iphone x laucnhing in malaysia and price and specs

iphone x laucnhing in malaysia and price and specs

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The Official iPhone X Pricing In Malaysia will be as below :

cheapest iPhone X Pricing in Malaysia

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You can actually pre-order your iPhone X now .

iphone x official pricing laucnhing in malaysia

With the RM 5000 for an iPhone X , the funny post that illustrate selling kidneys for a phone has gone viral.

Well , just before you decided to check your kidneys’s condition, as a fitness enthusiast , i have done some research, and discovered a SHOCKING secret !

iphone x official pricing laucnhing in malaysia

Do You know These?

When you spent on an iPhone X , do you know what does that mean for a fitness enthusiast ?

cheapest iPhone X Pricing in Malaysia and where to buy fast

27 tubs Max’s Super Size Mass Gainer

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When you buy another iPhone X ,

imagine that you could eat a whole year of chicken breast .


what is so great about iPhone x

equals to approximately 333kg of chicken breast

( when you buy at tesco online )

When you decided to engage with the Best Personal Trainer In Town

the cheapest iphone X price in malaysiaAbout 33 session of 100% Guaranteed Result Training (based on RM150 per session)

(Hire an Unifit Personal Trainer now)

After doing this research , im glad that my mathematics is not thought by a personal trainer . When you decided to buy an iPhone X , i choose to be more healthy and fitter .


I wana train till a D cup size breast , so people will look at my chest instead of my phone .

iphone x price in Malaysia

So , i have spent a year of working hard at the gym , it really sucks .

And you , with your iPhone X showing off in front of your friends .

After a year , iPhone come out with new models , iPhone Xs ,iPhone XL or whatever  is that  . And your “new” iPhone X , is “old” now .

iphone X where to buy online

But , the guy that dint buy iPhone X , has a new version .

from a fatty to hottest hunk 2.0

apple iphone X pricing




The most important part is that , i heard that the new iPhone X using a face reorganization technology to unlock the screen .

But your face is FAT till iPhone also cannot recognize .

And with my hot and fit body , im unlocking all the hot chicks’s heart

iphone x good and bad

So , are you still going to use your fat face and body to unlock your iPhone X ?



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