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5 Best Ways To Include Fitness In Your Busy Schedule

Finding time for fitness can be challenging for people who keep busy, but we can’t ignore the negative effect of an unhealthy lifestyle. It may seem easy to skip that 10 minutes’ workout or eat whatever is easily available, but have you ever thought how much damage you have already made by overlooking your fitness? 

I have always ignored my fitness due to lack of time. At age 30, I’m a freelancer, part-time editor, and moderator of several small businesses. The work took almost all my day, and I dived in a pile of deadlines, reports, articles needed to edit. Each day has passed so during the six months until I found these simple and easy ways to incorporate exercise and healthy eating in my “super busy” schedule. It not only helped me to have a great body but also increased my energy levels improving the overall quality of life. 

Read on to know how it can completely change your life making you more lean, energetic and happy.

Simple Ways to Keep Fit When You Are Too Busy

#1. Make a Plan

Creating a plan may help in many ways. It will develop a mindset for making healthy choices, indulge in exercise and get rid of bad eating habits. Having a routine is the most effective way of maintaining a good health. But when you are busy, it can be extremely difficult to take out time for workouts and preparing food for special diets. So, the best way to become healthy is to start small. 

Write down your day to day activities on a piece of paper. Now, evaluate how you can make space for the most important thing, that is your health. Until I made a morning schedule for exercise, I was just wasting my time getting out of the bed late. When I replaced that time of extra sleep with a morning jog, followed by a protein shake and getting ready to drive to the office, I found it was pretty easy to utilize just a little amount of time for my own body. 

Having a cup of green tea in the morning helped me to feel energetic instantly while boosting my metabolism in a surprising way. As a result, it was easier to follow a specific pattern and routine every day and it became a ritual in no time. 

#2. Look What You Eat

Knowing what we eat and what we should not have a deep impact on our fitness levels. Usually, people who have a busy lifestyle tend to eat whatever is easily available to them. This is probably the biggest mistakes people make when they do not have time to think of what they are eating. It is best to follow a diet that meets all the criteria for fostering a good health and help you maintain an ideal weight slowly but surely. 

Mediterranean diet is one such diet that I found easy to incorporate into my busy lifestyle. After spending 10-11 hours at work, it was not possible for me to prepare special recipes or look for specific ingredients. I can choose from a variety of fruits and vegetables that are easily available in a local grocery shop, need no or very little cooking (which saves time) and is extremely healthy. Olive oil, cheese, fish, nuts, and wine can also be included in such diet. 

When you have healthy choices that are easily available, you eat less of sugary food that is manufactured using refined grains that spikes up blood sugar drastically leading to complications such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. A Mediterranean diet helps in reducing obesity and prevents coronary heart diseases.

#3. Workout at Home

If you are not able to find time for visiting the gym or walk around nature, you can definitely try working out at home. It will help you save an incredible amount of time getting ready for the gym, driving through and back home. There are numerous exercises that can be done at home including push-ups, lunges, and planks that will help in toning your body like never before. 

Aerobic exercises are great for losing weight and maintain a great body without the involvement of any equipment. The results are great and faster. I found yoga best suitable for maintaining my health in a busy schedule. The various poses offer intense workout and help in increasing strength and flexibility. The best part is, you can do it anywhere. Studies show that the results of performing yoga start in as little as one hour after performing it. So, it saves time while helping you attain your fitness goals. 

Yoga also helps in relieving stress and anxiety which is common when you have a busy schedule all day. So, if you don’t get time in the morning, try incorporating exercise at any other time of the day. It is always better to do it when you feel comfortable instead of not doing it at all.

#4. Set Goals

Well, setting goals is really important to have a positive mindset and continue with any healthy routine, but make sure you set realistic goals. It means you must only aim to achieve a milestone that is achievable. For example, aiming to lose 10 pounds in a week may seem unrealistic. If you fail to lose this amount of weight in a week, you will lose motivation and finally stop making efforts for being healthy. 

It is important to know that our body may show different results for the same diet and exercise and it greatly depends on our genetic makeup, age, gender and metabolic rate.

Try to make your goal more specific, attainable, relevant, measurable and time-bound. For example, “I will lose 1 pound of body weight in a week” or “I will work on improving my flexibility for the next 15 days” or “This week, I will avoid unhealthy food completely”. In this way, you set goals that are realistic and are easy to achieve. Once you get successful, evaluate how much time you can invest in diet and exercise and set more fitness goals. 

Typically, I set my goals depending upon the time available and use it for cycling three times a week and working out at home on the other days, removing an unhealthy food from my diet and adding a new one every week. It makes my fitness regime fun and exciting.

#5. Keep It Simple

Simplicity is the only thing that may help you to follow your fitness regime for longer. Whenever I tried to follow a complicated diet or a hard exercising routine, I failed to extend it over a month or two. Since you have a little time when you have a busy lifestyle, complicated things and ways tend to take a back seat. So, if you are not able to cook healthy recipes, go for simple salads that are nutritious yet faster to prepare.

If you do not have time to extract juices, get a fruit infuser water bottle and fill it up with water and fruit cubes. The nutrients present in the fruits will infuse with the water effortlessly saving both your time and energy while providing you a great health. 

So, if you are planning to make healthier changes, start with simple ones such as adding healthy foods slowly (in place of changing the entire diet) or gradually introducing new exercises each week to improve the intensity of the workout and replacing them with the simpler ones. It is best to go slow and continue it for a lifetime than to follow complicated diets and workouts for a month and end up sitting back for the entire life. Remember to have a plan that you will be following for decades.


It is important to know that maintaining an ideal health should be prioritized over everything. If you do not take care of your health, it may degrade in a faster way than it would otherwise do. Taking an initiative for attaining fitness becomes even more important when you are busy. It can help in boosting your energy levels, increase your stamina and help you focus better in your work. It improves the quality of your life and helps you to perform better even when you keep busy.

According to the Harvard Medical School, one can maintain a good health by making healthy lifestyle choices, exercising in the right amount and have occasional medical tests and check-ups. You will be surprised to know that a little effort can help you to fit these in your lifestyle and enjoy fitness without making many changes in your busy schedule. The only thing needed is knowing what is good for you and the smart ways that can help you take care of your body.

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