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Malaysian Are Wasting Money and Time In The Gym .

Malaysian Are Wasting Money In The Gym

Malaysian Are Wasting Their Money In The Gym

Hei guys ,while writing this , im now in Taiwan with the Malaysian Basketball Team for 佛光杯 competition . Probably the last trip for this year .Btw ,sorry for the feature photo that is not in ringgit ,cause i cant find the similar photo in ringgit Malaysia.

Ok lets start talk jiao .

Malaysian Are Wasting Their Money In The Gym
At my hostel in Taiwan.

Malaysian Are Wasting Their Money In The Gym !

How true is above statement ? Freaking true .

Lets look at what does gym mean for Malaysian.

Gym means  = A place to lose weight 

Gym means = A place to build muscle

Gym membership = A certification show that you are healthy and fit

So people want to lose weight ,they go gym . People wana build muslce they go gym .People that wana give others think that they are fit and healthy they join gym . Am i right ? Im bloody right !

Why i say Malaysian are wasting their money in the gym ? 

A typical gym membership nowadays is about RM 120- RM 200 . Unless you go to those hardcore , no aircond gym ,then it will be below RM100 . So , if your goal is to lose weight  , do you think gym is going to help you ? Is gym the best weight management solution ? Stop wasting your time and money at the gym ! Stop wasting your time cramping with others on queuing for the treadmill that only bring boringness to your workout .


Buy a good running shoes , join a running club (normally is free ) and start eating healthy . Sandra and her hubby is the best example of ” run till you fit” example !

Get some great youtube video on channel such as  fitness blender  or Jordan Yeoh video . There are tonnes of others great free workout video that come with clear instruction . Get your ass moving and eat clean . Save your monthly membership fees and parking fees ! Another options is to enroll on online personal training .

I am not discouraging anyone to quit gym  or whatsoever , im also a regular gym goer ,the problem is that i have see too many people thought GYM is the only holy grail to become healthy and fit , and neglected others options .

Let me tell this this . Gym is just a place that provide different equipments that are expensive and bulky in size ,  that most of us cannot afford to own one to fit into our house . THAT IS ALL ABOUT IT !


All the weight loss shit , healthy crap is just a marketing strategy, it is just an illusion to attract people to the gym to use their bulky and expensive equipment .

What about Personal Training and Group Classes ? 

Well , you pay few thousands to the gym to hire a personal trainer (PT ), on top of that you pay your monthly membership fees , your per visit parking fees , traffic jam while driving to the gym , the cramping crowd at the gym during after working hours , reach home late at night after gym .

The questions you need to ask yourself is , is there any better solution to this ? Do you really need to go through all these craps just to hire a PT in the gym ?

My answer to you is NO !

Just get a PT to come to your house ! All your problem above solved !

Monthly membership fees = saved RM 180 monthly

Parking fees = saved RM 60 (assuming per entrance RM5 ,you go gym 3 times a week) 

Traffic Jam = saved time ( priceless )

Cramping crowd =saved time ( priceless )

Reach home late = saved time ( priceless )

Cannot spent quality time with family = SAVED ( priceless )

Comment below if you need me to recommend you some good PTs.

Personal Trainer At Home

I train my client at 7pm  in Sunway . I either train them at their house or gym at their condo . We finish at 8pm .They can have their time with their family after that .

Personal Trainer At Gym

If you are driving to the gym after work  ,after finish workout and driving back ,you probably will reach home about 10pm ++. Because of the overwhelming crowd at the gym ,you need to waste time waiting for the equipment that you need , so by that time you finish gym and reach home , your gf/wife/children are going to sleep or already sleep . How you gonna spent quality time with them ?

Group Class

The only good thing that i could see to join a group class in commercial gym is the motivation given during the class by its instructor and also the whole group class experience with all members cheering and going crazy . If your goal is to get motivated and love the cheering crazy environment ,please go ahead . But if your goals is purely to lose weight , please refer back to above .

Feel free to comment below .We would like to hear from you .




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