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My First Job Interview As a Personal Trainer

My First Job Interview As a Personal Trainer

Hei peeps , do you still remember how was your first interview ?

Let me share mine over here .

After 2 days coming back from New Zealand , i started to look for a job in Singapore . I have been travelling couple of times from Malaysia — Singapore , Singapore —–Malaysia, for about 4 weeks.

The first gym that i sent my resume is True Fitness ,then fitness first and lastly California fitness . Well, just like the general statement that you gonna get from the HR, “you go back and wait for news la” .

Obviously i dint get any respond from them , and i did revisit them after a week , they told me the same shit “you go back and wait for news la”.

Motherxxxxer . At that time ,about 6 years back , these 3 company are the biggest chain in Singapore , so they are quite lansi . Now ? Hahahahha ,California da pao d .

Eventually i gave up looking for job in Singapore ,n just focus in Malaysia .

Just like a fresh graduate , i google n ask around which fitness company is good in Malaysia . Through a friend on fb , he introduced me to celebrity fitness  , because he know the manager in one utama branch .

So i ring up the manager , n arrange for our first interview .

At that time , the interview is very casual , first question he asked :

How much you wana earn every month ?

I totally get shock ! Am i applying for a sales job or a personal trainer ?

Second question .

Are you good at selling ?

Third question.

Can you work for long hour ?

Well , of course i say yes la , i need money wei . Without really understand why those questions being asked , i started my work the day after .

Since then , i have been working wth them for about 3 n half years .

Those 3 questions asked during the previous interview , become clearer everyday .

How much you wana earn every month ?

The reasom : Make sure you push yourself hard enough to work for yourself  and the company .

Are you good at selling ?

This is pretty much the most important skills that you need , in order to be a super star at a commercial gym . Often, the managers will brain fxxk you by  saying , if you are good at training , you will be good at selling . Since your training is good , people will wana buy from you .

This is totally bull crap .

Why a company need a sales and marketing team then ?

Because their products or service are crap ?

Training knowledge and marketing and sales skill are a total different things . Both skills need to be train in order to be good at it .

So do not get fool by your managers , your CEO or VP ,when they tell you that you are good at training hence you are also good at selling . Those dude just bad at managing their subcoordinate ,and looking for someone to blame when shit happens .

If you are bad at selling , look for your weakness . If you cannot identified your weakness , there are no ways that you can improve yourself .

Everyone is a talented gift by God .

Can you work long hour ?

This is one of the main factors that killed most of the trainers . Typically i work more that 14 hours a day ,6 days a week .

Can you just take nap in between ? Glad you ask this .

When you take nap , your boss will says that you are lazy . We do not have a place to nap or a resting room . For the company , if they provide us a resting room , we will get lazy by chilling inside the room . Totally kampung man/women mind set . Btw ,the wellfare for a trainer ,is pretty much same as bangala.

So , i sometime need to curi curi nap inside my car or store room at the gym .

My First Job Interview As a Personal Trainer
Get caught taking nap at store room .

Every work place has their own good and bad . Working in a commercial gym make me a stronger and better person , and also open up my eyes to various aspect in life .

Share your journey as a personal trainer with us .




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