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What Does This Private  Activ Studio Provide?

Gym at malaysia is opening like no 7/11 .Well ,is a good sign that Malaysian is getting hit by the health trend.However, there is a questions, do all the personal trainer in Malaysia has the comprehensive knowledge to coach people?If this is also the reason that you are afraid of hiring a PT ,Activ studio that located at bangsar kuala lumpur might able to help you.

“We are about helping others achieve their fitness goals in a safe and fun environment. Our aim is to work with you so that you will be able to achieve and lead an active lifestyle. We are passionate about our training, which is why you will find that our group sessions and classes are kept to a minimal number. This will ensure that we are able to provide you with the optimal amount of attention and care. We knew there was something missing from the local fitness industry when we kept getting requests for more personal sessions coupled with the appreciation we received for our intimate knowledge of our clientele. We decided to focus our efforts on those looking for a better way to live, and those looking for private education on wellness. Despite our discretion, our achievements and the support of our clientele have allowed us to grow our team, our client base and our philosophy. Specialty: a) Rehabilitation & EMS E.M.S. stands for “Electro Muscular Stimulation”. It is a full body training system that utilizes the latest technology to deliver electrical impulse currents to train your muscle groups. Electric impulses are very much alike to bioelectric, only stronger, that activates the human muscles and can be adjusted accordingly to each individual’s desire. In conventional training, the central nervous system internally stimulates the muscles with electrical impulses for it to contract the muscles. In E.M.S. training, electrical impulses stimulates the muscles externally. There is no difference to the muscle whether the electric stimuli resulted from the central nervous system or from the electrodes. The muscle reacts with a contraction. In E.M.S. training, all muscle groups can be activated together by means of an electrode system. Agonist and antagonist are stimulated at the same time in which specific exercise positions enhance the contraction of the voluntary fixed muscles. Muscle contractions stimulated by E.M.S. can be more intense compared to those stimulated in traditional strength training and it easily reaches deep muscle tissue.”-Private Fitness Studio Activ Studio Bangsar Kuala Lumpur  



tel: (+603) 2201 9009


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