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Shit My Boss Says -Does anyone Else”s Boss talk like This ?

Shit My Boss Says -Does anyone Else"s Boss talk like This ?


I have been working with alot of bosses in my 7 years of career in the fitness industry . When i say “boss” , it doesnt neccessarily mean the owner of the business , but position such as manager , director , vice president ,ceo .

Pretty much those cha fit people.

Lets look at some of the shits that my bosses say to me :

Weng ,you need to believe in yourself .

When ?

When you are not hitting your monthly sales target.

Weng , come on , you can do better than this ! Now ,lets make another RM 10,000

When ?

When the branch need another RM 10,000 or more to hit monthly goal .

Weng ,nah , this is the money , buy 3 sausage mc muffin , 2 big breakfast and 3 starbucks green tea frappuccino.

When ?

Everytime during morning meeting .

At 2pm , Weng come over , i wana have a meeting with you .

When ?

When your boss got nothing to do , but wana show that he/she is working .

Weng ,why you are late to work ?

When ?

When your boss first time ON TIME  to work .

Weng , wow ,impressive ! You are early to work .

When ?

When your boss is late to work .

Weng , im going to promote you in the next 3 months .

When ?

When you tell your boss that you are going to quit . Or

When they need you to do the extra RM20,000 for that month .

Weng , go and take off on this Sunday .You have been working hard .I will, work on Sunday.

When ?

When your boss broke up with her/his, boy/girl friend .

Weng , you need to work on this weekend , cause you need to learn to take care of the club , you are the next potential for the position of manager .


When you boss got back with his/her, boy/girl friend .

And the  last shit that my boss told me before i left ,


The last and most memorable sentence that my boss told me before i left the company ,

“Weng ,you are not ready for the business world out there “.

When ?

When he knows that, he is going to lose his best man .

Share the shits that your boss talk to you ! We would love to hear it !


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