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Steps To Become A Personal Trainer In Malaysia

Steps To Become A Personal Trainer In Malaysia

Are you looking at building a fitness career in Personal training in Malaysia ?  In this article you can learn how to be a  personal trainer in Malaysia , how to obtain a international recognized personal training certification and the future career of a personal trainer . 

Follow the step by step process or choose what situation that best describes you:

1) Choose An Ace Personal Trainer Certification

They are alot of others personal training certification out there that you can choose from , but i will recommend ACE personal training certification to you all . It is a international  recognized certification and you will not go wrong with this certification .

There are 55,954 (in 2017) certified personal training around the world .

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2) Complete and Passing Ace Personal Training Certification

After enrolling ACE”s personal training programme, you will get to access to all study and exam material .The next thing that you need to do is to complete all the module and take the exam online .

ACE Personal Training Exam Outlines:

-All ACE Certification exams are comprised of 150 multiple-choice questions, with 125 scored and 25 experimental questions.

– The 25 experimental questions are not included in the candidate’s score, as they are being evaluated to determine if they perform well enough statistically to be introduced as scored items on a future exam.

– Only the 125 scored items count toward a candidate’s finals score that determines
if the candidate passed or failed the exam. 

All course materials , enroll and exam is taken online .

3) What is next after passing the exam ?

Congratulations on being one of the international recognized personal trainer in Malaysia !

You now must decide how to begin your personal training practice. Should you go solo? Join a smaller or larger gym company ? 

There are a few options that you can consider starting off your personal training career :

a) Personal Trainer Working in a commercial gym ( recommended )

In my opinion , personal trainer in Malaysia , should start working in commercial gym first . This is the best place for rookies trainer to start with , as you can learn so much more . In a big commercial gym , you are not only going to learn about new training method , but also on sales and marketing and management skills , that smaller gyms are not able to provide . By far Malaysia biggest 2 gyms will be celebrity fitness and fitness first . 

View vacancy from these 2 brands:

Celebrity fitness job vacancy

Fitness first job vacancy 

b) Personal Trainer in Private , niche gym Malaysia

I personally do not recommend rookies to go into smaller niche gym as i mention above , but if you want to beat the odd , you can definitely try them out !

c) Freelancing Personal Trainer In Malaysia

Definitely is a big nono , unless you already have a huge clients based ,which you do not have at this point .

d) Online personal training In Malaysia

This will be a “yes” and a “no” . Yes, if you know how to do it the proper way and you have strong financial background . No , if you do not have anything mentioned above. However , you can set up and run your online personal training business part time , while you work . When the revenues from your online personal training business are able to cover your expenses and some extra pocket money , you may consider going full time online .

e) Opening Your Own Gym

Well you definitely can .If you have strong knowledge about the fitness market and you are a business minded person , i cannot see why this is not an options . 

American Council on Exercise

Personal Trainer”s Salary In Malaysia

Personal trainer in Malaysia generally earn RM 3500 -RM10k++ . Based on my own experience and the trainers that i worked with  before . Personal trainer generally earn their salary by selling personal training packages and also hours of training conduction .

Personal trainer is a booming career not only in Malaysia but also world wide . If you are interested in the fitness industry , becoming a personal trainer in Malaysia might be a good career choice for you .


American Council on Exercise
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