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Why Children Need To Learn Swimming?

Swimming is an essential life skill that everyone must have.

Children absolutely love swimming, with one in three saying it’s their favorite activity.

Health benefits about swimming:

1) It keeps your children’s heart and lungs healthy.
2) Your child will have plenty of opportunities to make friends and grow in confidence.

3)Personal Safety- At one time or another,you will never know when will u be near to water.You might be on a cruise, boating trip, fishing or lounging by a pool with friends. If the water is deeper than your height, and you find yourself in it, knowing how to swim could save your life.

Learning swimming is just as easy with HON KUN swimming coach.Contact HON KUN your professional swimming coach now.




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  1. shan

    hi my daughter is interested in swimming classes, she is 7 years old. Can i know where is the swimming pool location and how much do you charge per lesson? her only available time is on Sunday evenings. thanks

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