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Fast Weight Loss 101-The Best Research On Metabolism.

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If i see an article on the internet that worth reading,and it contains valuable information , i will do pass to others after doing my research.

Today’s topic will be Metabolism. Hopefully  they give you a greater insight to facilitate better training and nutrition.

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People always advice us that eat frequent meal to jack up your metabolic rate ,you need to eat every 2 hours ,6-7 meals a day ,so that your body will burn more fat,and soon you will look like a 6 pack model.

Best Way To Increase Your Metabolic Rate, Eat Low Frequent Meal

Anita Magdalena Hennige from ncbi conducted a great research on the effects of meal frequency on metabolic.

Let’s take a look at what we can learn from her research on metabolic .

12 healthy male used to conduct this research.  All of them were randomly received either a Low meal Frequency (3meals)  High meal Frequency (14meals) .

There were no differences on fat and carbohydrate oxidation between the low and high frequency diets were observed . This also mean that Low or High meal frequency DOESNT have significant impact on increasing or decreasing the metabolic rate.

What make this research more interesting ,is that protein oxidation and RMR(Resting Metabolic Rate ) were significantly increased in the low frequency diet compared with the high frequency diet.

Furthermore,low frequency diet diet increased satiety and reduced hunger much more better than high frequency diet during the day.

As a conclusion,

RMR and appetite control increased in the low frequency diet , which can be relevant for body weight control on the long term.

My Advice to you,

So, there you have it – some solid science research and result.Sit down and spend some time with it.My advice to you is to read and study the facts as much as you can.

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