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The Best Secretsss To Swim Faster .

how to swim faster

Swimming is a sport in which movement efficiency is vital in order to maximize the swimming speed ,by  minimizing the negative effects of dragging . Below is the vital skills that you need to learn ,if you are looking for a faster swim at your next training session.

1) Imagine that you are swimming downhill. Push the chest towards the bottom of pool , and this will help you to lift your legs and hips.

2)  Now imagine that you are swimming into a narrow tunnel.By doing this , it   reduces unnecessary  drag and keeping you in a good swimming posture .

3) Always swim by following with your eyes directed at the pool surface , not 2 metres in front , by doing so , it can reduce the wave drag .

4) Better in kicking . During your kick , make sure that you are not moving your legs too low below the body line. If you swim too low below the body lines , it will create more drag and make your swim inefficient , as you will be wasting loads of energy .

5) Spread your fingers like the frog ! By spreading your fingers slightly, instead of clamping them together, it actually can help you swim faster and more effective !

Below is some great swimming coaching tips on how you can swim faster and improve your swimming skills.

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