The Effectiveness Of EMS For Weight Loss.

EMS or electronic muscle stimulation is hitting the fitness industry .EMS pretty much does 4 things that listed on below diagram.

Does electronic muscle stimulation burn fat ?According a result from ACE -“After eight weeks of EMS “training,” subjects experienced no significant changes in weight, body-fat percentage, strength or overall appearance.”

Electronic Muscle Stimulation Results :

I would say it is good for rehab,recovery ,overall muscle strength and also gentle on joint compare with carrying weight.I personally use it few years back,my butt and quads sore for at least 2 weeks.Is definitely good to try.Electronic Muscle Stimulation Results ,I would say it is good for gentle on joint ...Does electronic muscle stimulation burn fat ?EMS burn fat....

EMS Studio In Malaysia:

  1. Activ Studio Bangsar
  2. Impulse Studio



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