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The Law Of Attraction for Children .

5 Things You Should Tell Youd Children About The Law Of Attraction .

5 Things You Should Tell Youd Children About The Law Of Attraction .

The Law Of Attraction for Children .


Teach your kids how to be grateful of everything that they have .Educate them on focusing on the positive parts of life. When a children able to feel thankful about every tiny things in life ,they will be able to attract more positive event into their life .

Teach your children gratitude by:
A)Reminding them to say thank you, when people help them or giving them a gift .No matter what is the size of the gift or favor .
B) Be a role model as a parent . Be a good role model by showing your own gratitude every day.
C) Making sure they know that time is precious and make every seconds count.
D) Making sure that , they do not take anything for granted in life.

2) Set A Goal
Very often , parent DO NOT know what they want from their children . For example , do you want them to clean their room everytime after school ? or for weekend only ? Do you want your child to learn music or basketball ?

When you know what you want, you can focus all of your energy on attracting those things.

Help your children connect with their true selves by:

A) Encourage your children to create goal by using image collages of their dreams .
B) Give them courage , support and confidence that the goal that they set , they are capable in achieving it .

3)Visualize Your Dreams And Goals
The ability of seeing positive things in life is the first key to for successful implementation of the Law of Attraction . When you believe , you can achieve .

Assist your children in practicing visualization as part of daily routine by :
A)Role play . Act out their dreams through play .
B)Let them draw out their dreams or goals .


4) Realizing Everyone Is Different

Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid – Albert Einstein

When you realize that every child is different , embrace the uniqueness of each individual , only then the child will be able to grow to the full potential . As a parent we need to accept that each child is different from others . DO NOT compare your John with Albert opposite your house . This will only break their confidence and self esteem . However , in the other , as a parent we need to cultivate our children that everyone is uniqe .

You can help your children cultivate self-acceptance by:

A)Accept their point of view or comments even thou it is different from you .
B) Praising them for their achievement
C) Let them explore their inner creativity from art .

5)Let Them Go
How often you feel super worried about your children when you are not around them ? Or when they are trying to climb up a tree that is at your knees level ?Let them go ! If you are too protective , they will never able to explore the world . And this will make them feel embarrassed , shy and lack of confidence when they grow up ! Let them make their own decision , let them off with supervision .










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