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The Real Income Of A Personal Trainer In Malaysia

The Real Income Of A Personal Trainer In Malaysia ,personal trainer income in malaysiaThe Real Income Of A Personal Trainer In Malaysia ,personal trainer income in malaysia

The Real Income Of A Personal Trainer In Malaysia ,personal trainer income in malaysia

I have been working in a commercial gym for about 5 years . Same company but different management .But the salary scheme is pretty much the same.

My post was personal trainer , team leader and then assistant manager . You get to learn different things at different post .

As a personal trainer ,you need to know how to manage yourself . As a team leader you start to learn how to manage a team ,and as a assistant manager ,you need to fully lead a team.

Well, different post will give you different income .My highest income is around RM 12k ,average monthly income is about RM 6k nett. And this is consider AVERAGE ! Well , im just sucks at selling !

So what decide your total income as a personal trainer?

1) Your Ability To Sell

When we think about it , if a business dint make enough sales/revenue ,who is going to pay the staff’s salary ? So, sales must be part of the business . There are 3 main income streams for personal trainer .

(a) Selling personal training packages (b) Hourly conduction (c) Selling membership .

In order to maximize your paycheck ,you have to first identified which category you are best at doing .You can do everything ,but you will be burn out in no time . Generally , I do not recommend hourly conduction as your main income stream , as you will be using your time to exchange for money .

2)Your Position

The higher position you at , the higher basic ,commission and bonus you will receive. You will start getting much higher basic when you are at assistant manager . The basic salary will be about RM2500 (at my time) ,if gym hit goal (sales target) we get extra bonus around RM1500 (depends how much % of the 100% goal, we achieve at that month ) . So ,basic plus bonus alone is already RM 4000 . Plus conduction and sales commission , easily RM 10k . Manager more jialat , basic already RM 5k , but they cannot conduct personal training session ,cause need to 100% focus on managing .But their bonus is a bomb ! Basically without commission ,by just hitting monthly goal plus bonus , RM10k sap sap sui.

3)Your Connection With The Consultant and Management Team

It sounds doggy , but this is the reality . Every members that sign up with the gym , we get to know what type of credit cards they are using  .Obviously higher income uses different card . And higher income means higher buying power . So , if you have a good relationship with your management or the consultant , those clients that are potential in buying personal training packages will be given to you first .

4)Cold Calling

It feels weird , but we do cold calling as a personal trainer to generate more sales . During non peak hours for the gym , 11am till 4pm , normally we conduct meetings ,and do alot of cold calling to generate sales . So, make sure you spare some times to do calling .

5)Communication Skills

In my opinion the best sales person , is a person that is good at communicating with others .The way we talk to our clients , gesture , terms , phases and every sentences during the conversation must be able to attract the clients’s interest towards the products .

Above is just a big picture of how a personal trainer salary will be , different company have different salary scheme . Gym such as anytime fitness ,they payout high basic , but low commission .And chain such as fitness first and celebrity fitness ,giving low basic and high commission . The highest commission payout is from celebrity fitness is about 22% (depends how much you sell on that month ) .

If you love challenge and i think every personal trainer should , go for higher commission , push yourself hard and get a nice pay check at the end of the month .

Share your experience as a personal trainer in a commercial gym. We would love to hear from you .




  1. Dean Venter

    To whom it may may concern,

    I am currently in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. I am a certified fitness instructor / Personal trainer with 14 years experience.

    I am 37 years of age and am looking for a contracted position in Malaysia. I a have strong work ethic and a professional demeanor where clientele service is of top order.

    I Would be in appreciation if you could guide, maybe direct me forward in this regard.

    Yours in good health,

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