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The Secret To Big Butt -The Kim Kardashian Bum

big butts like it big

Get Your Kim Kardashian Bum in 30 days

big butts like it big


Kim Kardashian’s butt is the new fitness trends now. All teens dream of having big butts  like Kim when she share her spicy hot naked big butts over the internet.

According to daily star Kim’s big, round butt actually balance a champagne glass on it.

Ok cut the crap, lets let the basic movement to engage our glutes and train hard on it.



We will get a better focus glutes contraction during body weight glute activation such as glutes

bridge compare with squats and deadlift. This is not because of we do not know how to focus on

contracting the glutes muscle, but is just that glutes arent maximally involved in squatting,

lugging or deadlifting.

Hip thrusts is a better exercise to build big ,curvy butt. According to a research

Squats grew the upper glutes by 20% and lower glutes by 21% over the 6-week period

Hip thrusts grew the upper glutes by 28% and lower glutes by 28% over the 6-week


Others good exercises that is great in building big bum

  1. Squat
  2. Lunges
  3. Steps up
  4. Leg press

Kim Kardashian Big Bum Workout Programme:

  1. Hip Hinges 10 reps 3 sets

2.Squat 8-10 reps 3 sets

3.Lunges 30 reps  3 sets

Have 60 seconds rest in between set.
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