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The story of transformation


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Today I am going to write about a dear friend of mine (who I consider like my little sister). Urvashi – the girl in the photos in this post had an amazing breakthrough recently, which I would like to share with you all. This story is not about how much weight one can lose in X months and how to do it. This is a story of a girl who transformed her life with sheer willpower and dedication.

Urvi (short for Urvashi)was always a ‘fat kid’ just like me and many of us. Although she was very good at academics and is a fashion designer now, the weight was a constant struggle. I know her from the time she was born, but to me she was always my cute lil sis!!

One fine day this lil girl decided she had enough bullshit from people who think a person’s body determines her personality. It took a while and a lot of dedication to go through the journey of losing 33-34 kgs in 18 months. Most people who know her may never believe she did this without some kind of surgery or treatment, but SHE DID..

Urvi transformed her life with a single minded focused approach and by changing her lifestyle and choosing healthier food options rather than binging on junk food. She didn’t spend thousands of rupees to achieve this phenomenal success, all she did was to remind herself every day that “I CAN”.

By telling you this story, I just want all my friends and readers to know that Nothing is Impossible, We are what we think we can and not what others say about us. Don’t give up on your desires and dreams just because someone called you a fat kid or a loser. You have the power to be what you want to be and never give this power to anyone else. It’s your life and just like my lil sis Urvashi decided to take control of her destiny despite people telling her they don’t think she can do it, we all can transform our lives too.



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