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The Sun Gym @ Sunway -Update Monash Student

sun gym in sunway



Since i got a few same inquires regarding  the joining of Sun Gym at Sunway, i would like to post a updated info here.

Im A Monash student, can i join Sun Gym?

The answer is YES! Please fill in the form here .After filling in the form,MUPA will contact you via email to collect your approved acknowledgment slip. For more support please visit MUPA and look for “Sun Gym Registration for Monash Post Graduates”

For the first Sun Gym Post and Sun Gym Photo visit here

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  1. iddin

    may i ask u something..if i want to workout at ur gym..do i need to register for membership or i can pay only for one day? how much do i need to pay for per walk in or membership for a month?

    1. Boss Weng

      Wow !Really great to hear from someone that is actually from Sunway company itself drop a message over here ,after nearly 3 years of me trying to contact and get respond from you guys from fb and also email ..Seems like branding is one of the things that u guys care so much . Thanks for that …

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