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Top List of Supplement Shop In Malaysia


1) Muscle Mania Club Supplement Malaysia

If you havent heard of Muscle Mania Club,you consider DO NOT KNOW ABOUT SUPPLEMENT!!!! MuscleMania Club was founded in 2006 by Vincent Loh .MuscleManiaClub started with very limited resources.However,through perseverance, hard work and customer recognition,  MuscleManiaClub expanded.  Today, is Malaysia’s largest bodybuilding and sports supplements online and retail store, with a 32,000 sq ft warehouse and takes pride in serving more than 550,000 online customers.

Official Muscle Mania Club supplement Malaysiaweb site:

2) Be Fit Supplement Malaysia


The second top supplement shop in Malaysia,i nominate it to befit.Befit started up in 2011, and they have been serving fitness enthusiast,athletes and bodybuilders their needs for sports and nutrition products. Their main objective is to help visitors reach their health and fitness goals through,supplementation and motivation. They provide a large range of supplements and products  for building muscle, burning fat and staying in shape.

Official be fit supplement Malaysia web site:

3) EGO Nutrition Supplement Malaysia


The next supplement shop that i would like to list  here is EGO Nutrition.EGO Nutritions established in 2004. EGONUTRITIONS SDN BHD is a registered company in Malaysia (386098-W) and providing a  wide range of sports nutrition products, bodybuilding/gym attire, and fitness accessories available in the country.

Official EGO supplement Malaysia web site:

4) Nutrition Pro  Supplement Malaysia


Coming up strongly is Nutrition Pro. NutririonPro is Malaysia leading sport, bodybuilding and health supplement retailer & wholesaler. NutritionPro specialises in Bodybuilding Supplements, Diet & Weight Loss Supplements, Women’s Health Supplements, and General Health Nutrition Products.Beside that,they  offer a wide range of products such as weight gainer, whey protein, amino acid, fat burners and more.

Official Nutrition Pro supplement Malaysia web site:

The Next Best Coming Supplement Shop

1) YLB Health Industries Supplement Malaysia


YLB  Health Industries is founded in mid 2014 by KK Yap and WH Kan , with the mission of giving consumer the best supplement  price in town with fitness and health consultation services.

Visit YLB at :

Kepong Brem Mall-
Jalan Kepong, Jinjang Selatan, 52000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia(Beside information counter)

2) RWW Kepong Supplement Malaysia



RWW Supplement Malaysia is manage by 2 brothers Zainal and Zamri.They are able to provide professional advice on body building with the proper nutrition .

Visit RWW Supplement Malaysia at:

Kepong Tesco ,floor lg1 unit bz16.(opposite Lazo Diamond)

3) Huge Factory Supplement Malaysia


Huge Factor  offer a huge selection of top price bodybuilding supplements such as Dymatize, MuscleTech, Optimum Nutrition, MuscleMeds, MusclePharm, Cellucor, Nutrabolics and many more.

Official Huge Factory Supplement Malaysia web site:


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