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Ways A CrossFit Event Can Change Your Life

crossfit competition

CrossFit has emerged as one of the most popular sports of this decade. There are a few reasons why this has happened. But, for those looking to join the sport, the question is whether they should give it a try. This is also true for those considering a beginner CrossFit competition.

It’s easy for many CrossFitters to scream and shout about the benefits of CrossFit and why you should start as soon as possible. But, the sport can seem intimidating for many beginners.

The images of powerhouse athletes, who are beefed up on gold standard whey protein, can seem intense. It is also a far cry from exercises like running or cycling, which can be jumped into almost instantly.

But, these images represent a relatively small part of the CrossFit sport. In fact, one of the biggest strengths reviewed by people about CrossFit is it’s ability to create a community. This community is multifaceted and consists of lots of different people.

So, whether you’re a beginner or a hardcore athlete, CrossFit can be very accommodating. It does this through scaled workouts, personalized programs, and beginner CrossFit competitions.

These include easy activities that can be done by anyone even those just starting training in general and a higher level of coaching. Despite its criticisms, CrossFit has a structure that can cater to anyone.

Now that the how has been looked at, the next question becomes why you should consider getting into CrossFit.

The truth is, competing in CrossFit has a lot of benefits to it. These benefits are both physical and psychological.

While some of these can be found with any regular sports participation, some are unique to CrossFit. The combination of these benefits leads to a sport that can help improve your life. One particularly big step is your first beginner CrossFit competition.

This can help push you to your limits and reap the most benefits from your participation in CrossFit. It can also be a life-changing experience.

crossfit preparation

The Preparation


One of the most obvious benefits of CrossFit is its impact on your fitness. CrossFit is an amazing sport where increased fitness is the goal of the competition.

It is also a unique sport in that it works to develop all aspects of fitness. This includes things like power, speed, and strength as well as endurance. So, there are few sports that can offer as much variety and holistic development as CrossFit.

They can also easily be done by beginners, thanks to the scaling system mentioned above. This system makes it easy to adjust workouts based on your experience.

This increased fitness from training alone will give you a wide range of benefits. These can include preventing diabetes or cancer, improving your quality of life, and even boosting brain power.

Many people already know this. It’s what new year resolutions are made of. Yet, how many people do you know who quickly abandon their new sport within a few weeks?

This is because it can be tough to motivate yourself if you’re not training for something. This is where the beginner CrossFit competition comes in. The knowledge of the upcoming event, and of your peers can be a huge help in pushing you to return to the gym for another session.

So, if you’re searching for health benefits, CrossFit competition could be just what you’re looking for.


As discussed above, the physical training is only a small part of CrossFit’s appeal. The reason for this is the thriving community the sport has developed. This is accompanied by a passionate following from its members and a surprisingly​ large fan base.

This community means you’ll never feel lonely in your journey, whether this is your first competition or next session. It goes without saying that this helps motivation.

But, it also means your journey to a beginner CrossFit competition can include meeting new people and building valuable relationships.

The Youthfulness of the Sport

CrossFit has only been around a few decades now. This means that it takes advantage of some young trends and devices to help build its popularity. It’s also surprisingly youthful in its structure.

A good example of this is its use of social media. Here, CrossFit uses it to market new competitions and to score competitors in its opening competitions. But how does this help you?

This makes it incredibly easy for you track your progress over time and create goals for you to beat. It also helps you document your journey as a CrossFitter so you can share any life-changing experience.


The Event

The Emotional Side of Competition

Anxiety, fear, happiness, and excitement are only a handful of emotions you’ll feel before a beginner CrossFit competition. You may have heard what it’s like to compete with other athletes, but nothing will prepare you for experiencing it yourself.

This is perhaps one of the biggest benefits of any competitive sport. The awareness of these emotions and their management can not only make you a better athlete but better with handling tough situations in general.

For all the cliche phrases, competing in CrossFit event really can help give you the mentality of a warrior.


You’re going to lose! That statement is true whether you’re an elite level champion or a complete beginner. It’s also another life-changing lesson your beginner CrossFit competition can teach you.

There will be bad days at the gym, personal best that you’ll miss, and places on the leaderboard you’ll miss out on. But you’ll also learn that that’s okay. You’ll see those above and below you do the same and learn that it’s about continuous improvement, not snapshots of success.

This is another skill that will help you in life in general and can help you become more successful overall.


Just because you’re going to have to learn what a loss feels like, doesn’t mean it’ll be your only experience. You’re also going to have days where you crush it at a workout, beat a personal best, and take home a top spot in an event.

Just like learning about failure though, you’ll also learn that a win isn’t everything. You’ll also learn how hard it is to hold onto success and appreciate those at the top of the sport.

This feeling of success is also addictive and can help motivate you further to get in better shape and give it another go. It will also help you manage success in other areas of your life.

The Aftermath

The Highs and Lows and Looking Back

Once it’s all over, the above benefits will seem a lot more obvious. But, it’s important to appreciate that reflecting on a journey like a CrossFit competition is a new skill in itself.

In fact, it’s one of the biggest elements of success in how well you apply the lessons you’ve learned from a previous experience to future ones. This is called Reflective Practice and can be used in any area of your life.

So, if you decide to take part in a beginner CrossFit competition, be sure to look back at the end and clarify what you got from it and what you could do better next time.


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