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What happens when you quit smoking and start vaping?

Smoking is something many people start so smoothly that the imaginations of how difficult it will be to stop never crosses their minds. Due to peer pressure or as a mere sign of rebellion, someone begins the habit. At first, it is too impressive to notice the catastrophic effects. Eventually, you realize its harm hence decide to quit.

However, it is never easy, and others are entirely unable to stop. If you quit entirely, then congratulations are in order. However, there are those who cannot or don’t want to cease using nicotine. Scientists recommend a switch to vaping. Read on to find out whether it will be a better option or jumping from frying pan into the fire.

Health Effects:

Once you start vaping after quitting smoking, the body cannot fail to notice the change. Your health will be on a redoubtable path to recovery and positivity. Nevertheless, it will not be a bed of roses. Therefore, do not expect the benefits immediately after you take your last cigarette because giving up and going back to your old habit will follow. How does the switch affect one’s health? We will look at the effects in particular phases.

20 Minutes

As much as your rapid heart rate will not stop as soon as you take your last puff, within the first 20 minutes, things will be different. It will drop back to normal.

8 Hours

 Two hours later the heartbeat will have returned to the norm. Besides, your blood circulation will have improved. Reason being the absence of carbon monoxide in the vapor thus giving your body a chance to detoxify that which you had inhaled while you were still smoking.

However, if you had been a regular smoker, nicotine withdrawal symptoms will kick in. The side effects include tension, anxiety, disturbed sleep, increased appetite and stress. Let them not discourage you because sooner than later the body will appreciate your move.

24 Hours

After the above mentioned period, elimination of all the carbon dioxide from the body will be through. Your lungs will get detoxified. The occurrence of the removal of toxins as well as mucus which had accumulated when you were a smoker too. Since you are no longer inhaling harmful substances, then the body has ample time to clean and heal.

48 Hours

After 48 hours are over, heightening of your senses will be prominent. What do you expect after eliminating torture that you were exposing the receptors found in the nose and the mouth? Consequently, there will be an improvement of taste and smell compared to when you were smoking.

72 Hours

One should expect even better things. The breathing will have improved within three days since quitting smoking and starting vaping. There is no more exposure to tar thus bronchial tubes are neither clogged nor irritated. In addition to that, energy levels increases.

3 TO 9 Months

Coughing, wheezing and shallow breathing will be minimal if not a thing of the past after three to nine months.

5 Years

Your chances of having a heart attack will reduce by half after five years. Vaping does not damage your heart cells.

10 Years

Once you realize it is ten years since you started vaping after quitting smoking, then your risk of getting lung cancer will have decreased by half, and that of a heart attack will be almost that of a non-smoker.

Note that it differs. It all depends on the amount of damage that smoking had made to your body.

Social Effects

The fact that you are no longer smoking means that your hands remain clean without stains of tar. That, as well as whiter teen, will improve your self-esteem. It will also make it easier for others to associate with you comfortably. More time to spend with your family as well.

Economic Effects

As soon as you stop smoking and start vaping,you will realize how much you have been spending on cigarettes. Their prices keep going high, and it will be tiresome to keep up with the rise. That will be a relief once you quit smoking and start vaping.

Vaping to acquire nicotine is better than smoking. The latter has abundant positive health, social and economic effects. Having discussed them, I am convinced that I have issued a better option for those who in crossroads on how to quit smoking smoothly. However, they must be ready to curb all the inconveniences which come in the course of their endeavors.

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