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What You Need to Know Before Hiring Personal Trainer In Malaysia.

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So you decided to loss some serious weight for your coming whatever event.The ohmm is highly charged ,and you have planned to use up all your savings ,to hire the best personal trainer on the earth to help you to achieve your goal.


Just google and get the weight loss programme la,is free and the result is the same.Perhaps ,the trainers also copy from online lo..

So,what you need to do before hiring a personal trainer?

  1. Understand that what actually you want from a personal trainer.

Ding! result lo of course! Sorry to say that. Personal trainer CANNOT give you result.You are the main key person to give yourself the result that you want. Personal trainer could only give you guide and support (only those really committed trainer,most commercial trainer cannot provide here)

I always tell my client that,im only able to see you an hour a day,and the rest of the 23 hours is out of my control.So you need to behave and have a strong mentality to keep things going.

Read here to know the tricks to create a guarantee weight loss habits.

2. Your financial support.

What You Need to Know Before Hiring Personal Trainer In Malaysia.

If you have an average job ,and you are using all your money to hire a personal trainer ,you and your trainer will be in deep ,deep stress.No offence.I have trained average income to super high income clients.Those clients that have an average 9-5 jobs ,with average income give me the most headache .First of all,most of them a damn lan lek(pretend to be smart).Seconds,cancellation of training session happens more often on them.And when they come to gym ,they complaints here pain la,tire la,this la that la.

After 1 month of training with 80% of cancellation rate,they start to complain why no result.People in this category(not all,just those that i have encounter so far) ,tend to assume that once they pay ,the result will AUTOMATICALLY show up.

They have pay everything that they got to the trainer,so they gonna squeeze every single penny back from the trainer. In the other hand ,for the richer category,very often they are boss and have plenty of time to workout.And they understand that result need hard work.It is same as building a business.

These clients i love them the most, as they are much more easy to train and will be more willing to listen to me,cause they appreciate and respect my profession more than the other category ,those lan lek(pretend to be smart) clients.

3. Google has EVERYTHING that you need!

What You Need to Know Before Hiring Personal Trainer In Malaysia.

Yes! And i mean it.Google and youtube can even make you an Olympic champion!Julius Yego won gold at the World Championships in Beijing by learning his skill from youtube! So,do you really need to pay thousands of ringgit to pay for a trainer?Look for your options, you could even enroll on an online courses that teaches you how to weight loss for only 10$ . You could even get Jordan Yeoh training series for a super affordable price.
So ,do you actually need to hire 1 on 1 personal trainer in Malaysia?

In my opinion, if you asked me this question 5 years back,i would says “YES” .But now, everyone could easily get a personal training certificate by studying online.Unless you are looking for something really specific ,for example, a trainer that good at female weight loss programme that deal with female hormone,that i would suggest you to go for it.If you are only looking for general weight loss programme, google and youtube could be a better choice.

Furthermore, if you need the motivation part of a trainer, then you should also hire one.As visual learning such as google and youtube,cant really produce the exact effect as a real person.

Hope this help!

Note: Above article is purely based on my own experience ,and it does not represent the whole nation.

Last piece of advice, DO NOT BE so lan lek la Malaysian.Really sigh at those people..k thank bye.

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