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Why Minimalist Is The Only Way To Live As Human ?

minimalist bed room design
Minimalist is all about simplicity . Like i always say , life is complicated enough , we do not need to add any extra stress on it .

Minimalist has a few typical characteristic .If you have some of these character , you might be a minimalist .

A)Save big and spent big as well

Minimalist typically will save every penny that they could , however if they saw something that they like , they could spent whatever they have inside their bank to buy it .

B)Cleaning Habit

Minimalist do not like to stay in a clutter environment .Therefore , daily cleaning is more to like a habit that a chores.

C)Single Tone Wardobe

Your wardrobe’s clothing  only consist of 2 color max tones .

How does a minimalist lifestyle will look like ?

minimalist lifestyle

So , lets look at the lifestyle of a minimalist .

1) Minimalist bedroom set and wallpaper

minimalist bedroom set

We spent about 25 years of our life (  If you live, say, 75 years) sleeping . Minimalist’s bedroom design will be plain in colour , and simple in bed set .Beside that , a bedroom set and a small work table will be perfect for a minimalist bedroom . Beside that ,by adding a minimalist batman wallpaper on the wall , will be a perfect set up .minimalist batman wallpaper

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2) Minimalist Back Packs and Wallet

minimalist wallet

Minimalist Back packs and wallet is important , as those are the daily things that we need to carry daily . Keep the design simple , and 2 tones max in colour .

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3) Minimalist Workout Clothing 

Minimalist gym tank top

Fitness trend is hitting hard . Minimalist workout clothing is definately needed to push the extra last reps !

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4) Minimalist Watch

Top slim minimalist watch

A man without a watch , is like wearing a shirt without button , it is just INCOMPLETE .

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5) Minimalist Casual Shoes

Minimalist casual shoes

Getting a pair of nice minimalist shoes is as important as getting a perfect minimalist bedroom set . Except clothing , the other things that people will look at us at the first sigh is our shoes ! So make sure you have a well presented casual shoes .

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