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Your Weight Loss Programme Need These To Work .

Your Weight Loss Programme Need These To Work .

Without these five elements in your weight loss programme ,you are not going to be the biggest loser.

  1. Train Your Big Muscle,such as legs,chest,back and shoulder.

They burn more calories than smaller muscles and are also involved in many more movements and functions than smaller muscles.Movement such as lunges,squats ,push up ,deadlift etc are great for fat burning.

2. High Intensity

The afterburn effect is known as EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) is able to  increase your metabolism and burn more calories for up to 24 hours after high-intensity interval training.

  3. Consistency

Being consistent in exercise every week(suggestion:4 times a week) by using these 5 elements is very important in yielding great weight loss result.

     4. Low Intensity

While high-intensity workout is good, however, a low-intensity workout is also important .While high-intensity cardio is able to burn more calories, low intensity is able to burn more fats.Beside that ,according to research,a mixture of high and low-intensity workout is a great combination that not only gives good weight-loss result but also to prevent joint and muscle overuse.

5. Progression

Common sense folks.If you have been doing the same routine ,with the same speed ,reps or weight for months,your body have probably adapted to your workout plan, and that is bad.Tuning your programme by playing around the variable such as rest period and repetitions.

Your Weight Loss Programme Need This To Work .

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