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Hei guys , I am coach Weng here . Firstly , I would like to say a very big thanks you to all of you for supporting project PT KICK STARTER .

A very big thanks you to Hans , Sebastian , Kurt and also KJ , without support from you guys , I am sure that I will never able to launch this project successfully .

As a coach for more than 8 years now , I understand how tough will it be to start and make a living in the fitness industry .
I started out as a fitness instructors 8 years back , and work my way up to a management position and eventually, I decided to quit my fulltime job and decided to start this project while training minimum clients .

Throughout these 8 years , I worked as a personal trainer in the biggest fitness chain in Malaysia , I worked as a trainer for private gyms , I worked as a freelance trainers , I own a supplement shop , I run online training business , I set up my own fitness studio, that eventually shut down after 6 months and my last job before I quit and focus on PTdr was Malaysia female national team”S sports performance coach .

If you want to ask me , what is the one things that I learn from all these success and failure events , I would says personal trainer sucks . It is a tough job . Imagine you need to wake up at 5am and train your client at 6am and u finish work at 9pm 6 days a week . Imagine that you need to face the stress on hitting your monthly sales target , imagine that you need to look for more clients to earn enough to pay for your shops”S rental and utilites bill . Imagine that you need to burn the midnight oil to learn all the SEO , keywords and online marketing stuffs when you first starting up your online training business and you do not have much money and you need to do everything by yourself.

So ,personal training is really sucks .

After quitting my job , I went off and travel , used up all my money and I am broke .

At that time I was thinking,

-How good if I own a business.

-How good if my online training business can make me money while I am travelling.

-How great will it be if someone is here to guide me when I first started my personal training career.

-How good will it be , if someone is there to teach me how should I set up my fitness studio .

-How should it run it effectively?  And of course, it will be great if somone is there to teach and guide me on all those online tricks andsecrets..

All this “how “ lead me to create this PT KICKSTARTER project.

PT KICKSTARTER ”s mission is to help trainers to success in their personal training career and also help fitness owners to success in their business .

PT KICKSTARTER aim to gather successful fitness entrepreneurs , fitness adventurers and those that want to start their fitness career and have no idea how to do it .

PT KICKSTARTER aim to help each others in building , growing , earning and success in the fitness industry .

If you are a fitness entrpreneurs , online marketers , gym owners or someone that is passion in the fitness industry , and would like to give valuable advice to help others to success in the industry feel free to email me at PTKICKSTARTER@gmail.com .

And if you are those that looking for great advice on how to break the code and success in the fitness industry , keep coming back here and look for the latest fitness hacks .

If you find this project meaningful and is helping you in any form in succecding in your career , please help me to share this project out to your friends , social media ,facebook , instagram so that more people will get to know and get the benefits from it .

Again thanks for supporting PT KICKSTARTER . And I shall talk to you soon . Take care.

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