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Hei guys , I am coach Weng here , thanks for listening to PTdr pod cast .

Today”s topic is about passion. I know that this is a very broad subject, and different people has a different view on it.

So , this is chapter is more on sharing my own opinion on what actually is passion to me .

For those that are listening now , if you are a bit lost and do not know what to do next in your personal training career or you do not know should you change your current job which is not related to fitness , but because your interest is in health and fitness , and you are thinking of changing your job to become a personal trainer , this topic will definitively help in untied some of the knots.

So lets get started.

Do you like going to the gym?

Do you like to jogging ?

You attended every single RPM sessions and Body combat at your gym .

You eat healthy , you google on the latest weight loss exercise and the best apps to track your training.

So one day , you was thinking, hmmmm , I am so into fitness , why not I become a personal trainer ?

Since I love fitness so much , my passion must be becoming a personal trainer. So , you took a personal training certification, apply for a trainer job and you start working at a gym .

At first everything seems so perfect . You get to train at the gym , eat healthy , meeting different people and get to access to the fitness knowledge that you need .

After 3 months of working, you motivation started to drop, you cannot hit the monthly sales target, on weekend you need to stay at home to plan your clients”s training programme , you need to wake up early morning to train your client at 6am and finish off your clients at 10pm .

During weekdays you are so busy that you no longer get to train as often as before , you no longer get to prepare your healthy food , and sometimes you skipped your meal and you no longer have time to look for the latest fitness trends, you are just too busy to do all that .

At one point , you thought off giving up your passion. You started to ask yourself ,

” is this really what I want ? “

” Is personal trainer really what I want to become ? “

This is the exact scenario that I faced couple years back . To get the answer , I look for people that is much older than me , I read books , I google as I really need an answer . At last , finally I got the answer from the a book call the power of broke by Daymond John.

If you like going to the gym doesn’t mean that you wan to make training as your career. If you like t jog it doesnt mean that you want to make running part of your career .

You attended every single RPM sessions and Body combat at your gym does not mean that your passion is to be a group instructor .

You eat healthy, you google on the latest weight loss exercise and the best apps to track your training certainly does not mean that you passion is in fitness and health ? All of these stuff might just be your hobby or you interest in sports and fitness .

And it is not your passion and certainly not your career builder .

So , Weng what actually is passion?

Daymond has a very convincing answer to this question . A real passion is something that you love doing , and you will do it for FREE or for a bag of chips .

Let me repeat this , a real passion is something that you love doing , and you will do it for FREE or for a bag of chips . So , are you willing to train your clients for free or for a bag of chips or diet coke ? Are you willing to write a 3 hours weight loss programmes to your clients for free ?

If your answer is yes , then personal trainer is your real passion . The no 1 rule that pushes someone to success in pursuit their passion ,is by adding value to their services , that eventually make their products or services so good that people want more from them , and therefore , they start earning money . So , making money is just a by product , a happy by products .

On a article by Billionaire Mark Cuban ‘One of the great lies of life is follow your passions’ .

He says that “I used to be passionate about being a professional basketball player. Then I realized I had a 7-inch vertical,” says Cuban. Top contenders for the NBA draft in 2017 each had a max vertical leap over 40 inches.

“There are a lot of things I am passionate about. A lot,” says Cuban. He suggest that pay attention to those things that you devote time to, says Cuban. Double down your investment there.

To finish this off ,I will suggest you to pay attention on the things that you will do even thou you do not get paid for, none click on the likes or share button , and yet you will still spent a huge amount of time doing it , that might be the things that you are seriously passionate about .

I hope that you enjoy this pod cast , and I am definitely hope to see you excel in this interesting and fruitful career . Talk to you soon .

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