4 steps to start a personal training career in Malaysia

Hei guys , I am coach Weng here , thanks for listening to PT KICK STARTER pod cast . Today topic will be the 4 steps to start a personal training career in Malaysia .

To start with , I would like to say a big congratulation to you , as you have chosen the right career path !

Personal trainer is a very fruitful and meaningful career , as we are taking care of other people‚ÄĚs health .

Step 1: Getting started
Alright , this step is all about laying the foundation on getting started in this great industry .

So, a few questions that you need to ask yourself before venturing in this exiting career .

I)Are you ready to help others to achieve their fitness goals ?

You will be meeting , talking to at least 100-300 different people in year on sharing and educating them on how to get healthier . Yes , you will be busy helping others to success while building your career .

Ii) Are you passionate on training and living a healthy lifestyle ?
Well , I do drink some times , as research says that casual sipping on red wines are able to improve health . What I really mean is that , you need to walk the talk . You do not need to have the six pack 6% body fat body , but you need to at least practice what you going to share with your clients . You need to fully committed to your job and walk the talk .

Iii) Are you ready to give your best to your clients ?
I mean ,will you be willing to respond to any clients that need your help to loss the final 5 kgs before their wedding in the next 2 months ? Are you dedicated enough to train your client at 6am before he start work at 8am ?
If you are ready to get your hands dirty on these 3 things I believe that you are ready to become a super coach .

Alright step no2 , certi fication .

The very first step to become a personal trainer is to get a creditable personal training certification . If you look up online , there are tonnes of personal training certification available in the market , and eventually you confused on which one to take .

To make this easy for you , I will recommend NASM or ACE for your personal training certification . Theses 2 are by far the most recognized and popular personal training certification available in the market . Your next questions will be , so Weng , which one is better ?

NASM or ACE . In my opinion , both are great , so it does not matter which one you take , as long as it is either NASM or ACE that you will be fine .

NASM generally will be focusing more on programming and ACE will be more on theory . Beside that , pricing vice NASM will be cheaper than ACE .

If you do not have any fitness background I will encourage you to enroll on a class base courses instead online . Of course the price will be much more cheaper doing it online , but it will be much more easier for you to learn on a class basis , as you get ask your coach face to face if you do not understand certain things .

Step3 :
So , what do you do after passing your exam ?
It is time to get yourself a job . In this step 2 , I will share some of the options that you can go for .
1)Commercial gym
Generally I will advice new coaches to start their career by joining big commercial gym . There are a few benefits of joining them .
A)Lots of traffic .Big commercial gym has average around 500 -1000 members in each of their branch . Imagine that you get to meet 500 different people in one place . You are going to talk to them , network with them and eventually make some sales from them as well . More traffic , more opportunity .

B)You get to learn so many things . Most of us thought of personal trainer only deal with training and nutrition. And all of them are dead wrong. Personal trainer is pretty much like a self employed entrepreneur ,even thou you work for others . You need to track your training session , you need to record how many sessions have you done for the month , you need plan how many clients you need to take in order to achieve certain amount of salary , and you definitely need to learn how to make sales . And good things about these big commercial gyms , they provide guide and training how you can do all these tasks .So , if you decided to start your own gym or free lancing , you already now how to set everything up .

C)Climbing the corporate ladder. If you are into corporate job and love fitness , commercial gym might be your best bet . The hierachy is pretty much the same as others corporate company , you will have manager position , area manager , VP ,CEO and director in most of the commercial gym . The title might be different but the job is pretty much the same .

2)Private gym
Lets look at some of the smaller private gym . Most of the private gym are tend to be more niche , and commercial gym will be more general . For example , if you are very clear on what you want to do in your personal training career , you can consider going on this career path . For example , if you want to be a exercise corrective specialist , you may want to look for a company that focus on this particular industry .

3)Freelance and gym owner
Well I do not recommend you to start freelancing or owning your business before you have a strong foundation in the industry . What I mean in foundation are , clients base , network , money and a dedicated die hard team .

The lesson that I learn from my fitness studio which closed down after only 6 months of operation is that , to start a business , you really need a die hard team that could sacrifice everything when working towards the company goal .

Alot of people will thought of to start a business , money is the first thing that need to be put on the table . Money is certainly in the business equation no doubt about it , but what is more important is the business concept, and the passion of the you in making the business happens .business idea that you want to create . For example , Tough Mudder founded by Will Dean with his 7000 dollars saving and now the business worth 100 million in annual revenue . With the advance of the internet , starting a sucessfull business is no longer for the rich and wealthy only , but it is for the passionate and creative thinker that willing to take risk and go after dreams that noone can see but themselves .

4)Online personal training
I will highly encourage you to start your online personal training coaching online, immediately after you get your certification . The easiest way to start your online coaching is to start blogging . Start writing article on the area that you specialize at . If you are a weight loss specialize , write about weight loss hacks , if you are focusing on body building, start writing about body builder stuff . The whole idea is to let people know that you are here to offer this services . I have created a FREE e-book on how you can set up and run your own personal training business online , feel free to download it on wenghonnfitness.com

Step 4:
Your future in personal training career. Gaining a personal training certification is just the very first step into the fitness industry . You are just like baby that start learning how to crawl . Yes it is exactly like that . You have a long way to go . After gaining your certification , the very next thing that you need to do is , to think of what you really want to master at . What is the skills that you want to specialize on ?

In Malaysia, alot of trainers stop at personal training certification and not looking forward for higher level education.

A matter of fact , a personal trainer is just like a general doctor and a specialist trainer is like a specialist doctor . So, which doctor do you think will have a better career path and better income eventually? Of course the specialist.

The very next thing that you really need to think about ,is what do you want to be so good at that noone can ignore you , everyone want to train with you . You competitors want to learn from you . This is what you want to become at the end of the day .

Alright , these are the 4steps that you need in order to start a successful career in personal training in not only in Malaysia but anywhere else . I hope this guide able to help you in any way in your career , and certainly, I hope you enjoy this pod cast . talk to you soon. Thanks .

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